Car Travel with Dogs Safest Way

car travel with dogsSpring is in the air and after long snowy winter we are all ready toenjoy  the outdoors, and so are our dogs.

In order to make it a car travel with dogs safest way we created a small list of what we need to do before hoping into the car to travel with our furry babies and make it car travel with dogs safest way

ALWAYS, had tags with your info on your pooch. You can never know when he decides it’s time to take a walk by itself.

I know you love your car, and you love it clean. So use a car seat cover on your bench or pilot seat, where doggie will be spent time during the ride.

If you have small breed dog, you may want to use a car booster, just like you would with a baby. There are many sizes and heights in the market. Choose the one that fits his size, and allowing him to view the scenic, so he’ll be much more relax and will enjoy the ride.

For larger breeds, you should restrain him/her for safety reasons for him as well as for you.  The option of the car harness keeps the pet in place. The zip-line gives the dog some freedom to move from one window to the other. When restrained, he’ll stay on the seat if you make a sudden stop, and will not “fly” over to the front, and heart himself and / or you.

Depending on your dog nature, you may consider some car safety accessories like blocking the option of crossing from back to front with mesh barrier, or guarding the door with the door guard.  For small breeds or older dogs with health issues that have difficulties jumping, a folding pet ramp (available in different sizes) will solve the problem, and you will eliminate your need to carry heavy pooch and heart your back.

If it’s a long travel, stopping from time to time is a necessity.  The dog needs to to do his thing and drink or eat.  Always keep poop pick-up bags in your car. Have a travel bowl for water and food. These bowls are collapsible easy to store and do not take much place. Treat bag for the road (also can be used for daily walks and for training purposes).  Check some of our travel accessories that will make your life easier while on the road.

You can arrange all you need in a travel organizer created with pets in mind. Put in his favorite toy,  bowls, leash, medicine, the treat bag, pick-up bags, etc. Some organize even come with bowls or bottle.

Keep it Safe and you’ll have a healthy happy dog and enjoyable trip.

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How to Help? Volunteer to Pet Rescue Groups

pet rescueWhether you are a pet owner or pet lover,  I am sure it touches your heart  when you see a neglected dog, a stray cat or read about all the pets in the shelters.

If you wonder how you can help, beside of adopting them all (if only I could) here are some ideas.

1. First and most, teach and encourage people around you that they should always adopt from a shelter where they can also find pure breeds and puppies.  There are rescue groups that rescuing specific breeds. All that needs to be done is search on the internet. Some even ship the pet to you from another state.

2. Most No Kill rescue groups don’t have a brick and mortar place, they have volunteers who foster dogs and cats until they find a forever home, and they desperately need more foster homes. You get paid for the food and vet visits, so no cost for you. You only give love and attention.

3. Volunteers also needed for brick and mortar shelters to walk the dogs, feed, clean kennels,  play with the cats,  train dogs and socialize them.

4. Volunteers with computer skills – updating the website, accounting, photographing- the new pets, etc. for everyday office tasks.

5. You can’t commit, donate. Follow the advertising for food drive or do it when ever you have time. Also toys, pet beds, bed sheets, or money.

6. Take part on adoption days. Usually done once a week in Petco store, vet etc.

7. Just walk in or call a shelter near you (find it on the internet) and ask how you can help.  No volunteer ever turns down.

You may do it on a regular basis or from time to time. Remember the dogs and cats who needs you.

Find more information about Animal Shelters & Rescues


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Pet First Aid App

pet first aid appEvery dog or cat owner encounter at least once an emergency or fear that something is wrong with the pet. Of-course, if it’s possible, you’ll head to the vet.  But sometime we are not sure what to do. We go online and start searching for answers.

Now, the Red Cross has a new pet first aid app for you.

You can customize the app for all your pets (cats and dogs),

You’ll be guided step by step in emergencies,

You’ll get advices on administering medication, Help with saying goodbye, disaster time and behavioral help.

Learn first aid with videos, step by step, and much more.

I do not have any recommendations, as I have not used this app yet.

You can check it on the Red Cross site and download to your phone from the app store and Google play for $0.99

More information can be found here @

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