How to Corporate Pet Bed with Home Decor

Pet Bed with Accesnt PillowWe keep changing.  Over the years, our test change, and the way we accept and treat things changes. For example, our pets and interior design. Who thought just a several years ago to corporate the pet bed with the home decor. Today,  combining the two into a harmony of colors and shapes, complimenting each other, is just the norm.

There were times when the dog was “just” a dog, and a cat was “just” a cat. Dogs were sleeping on the floor or carpet, cats, most likely, in parent bed. They were loved no less, but we treated them somewhat differently. Today, pets are part of the family and we treat them as our babies, pampering and caring. One of the major changes is the dog bed.

With growing awareness of our home design, the pet bed becomes an important buy, from pet health and caring point as well as a design point.

Although it sounds easy, it is really complicated to decide which bed is the best for our pet. There are so many types, shapes, colors, size, etc. That sometimes it is overwhelming and you just don’t know. Add to that your existing furniture, color, and now you may be really confused.  So you choose the nicest bed, but, does your pet happy with your choice?RoundLuxury Dog Bed

How to choose the right pet bed size: Start by measuring your pet’s body length: when your pet is lying down measure body length, then add 8 inches. The total is the width your pet will need for an oval bed, and the depth your pet will need for a rectangular bed. If the bed has a bolster or other raised exterior, you”ll need to consider the internal dimensions, not the external ones. If you stuck between two sizes, go for the larger one.

What shape of bed, my dog need: This one is quite easy. You probably know already what his preferred sleeping position. For example, if he likes to curl he’ll appreciate a round or oval bed. If he loves to lay  his head on a pillow you may consider a bolster  or a dounut bed. The secret is: watch  him / her and you’ll have your answer.Round Dog Beds








Type of foam:  Older / senior/ joint and health  issues dog will appreciate an orthopedic / memory foam bed. It also needs to have an easy access.  Most trusted manufacturers,  do use high quality materials like human grade or infant standards.  Dog Bed Collection memory_pet_bed_honeycomb_tangerine_2





So what’s with the pet bed and home Decor?? As you see in  the images above, today designers have an accent pillows added to their display.  Using the prints, color combinations, trim and more options, for that touch that makes it all look so natural and elegant, instead of mess of colors when pet bed is on the floor, is unrelated to the rest of the room decor with color and print.  Some of our designs also have drapes option.  If you consider adding drapes, please contact me @

Curtains and Pet Bed Design


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Burn Calories with Your Dog The Fun Way.

Burn Calories with Your Dog The Fun Way.Overweight is a real problem in modern life and obese pet’s numbers are growing too. After a long, cold winter, most of us gained some extra pounds. Now, when the weather is nice, Why not put on the sneakers and  go out burn calories with your dog the fun way.

Here are some easy (if not, do it gradually) to burn some calories while having wonderful, bonding time with your dog. Even if he is not overweight, he’ll love the activity. So don’t use it as an excuse :)

Walking the dog – do it twice a day. He needs it and it’ll benefit you.

Take new routes so you will not be bored.

Change pace, start slow, increase it for a few minutes and back to the slower pace. Don’t overdo at the beginning.  In time, you’ll be able to go quicker and be less tired.

Benefits: Max has so much energy that, if not released,  may result in restlessness and aggression (some breeds need  harder work than others).  You are doing a big part of the 10,000 daily steps recommended and burning calories. You’ll meet other pet lovers, neighbors, who are walking their dogs. What a great way to socialize for human and animal.

Hiking –  If you love the outdoors, why not choosing a nice park, where pets allowed, and go hiking. Beginners (human and dog) should start with a short, flat  and easy trail. When you feel you both ready, take harder trail. Don’t forget to have water bottles for you and for your 4 – legged companion. Treats should be helpful, if you need him to do something he doesn’t realty want to do along the walk. Small breeds can’t walk very long distances, so plane the road with the dog abilities in mind.

Benefits: This is a full body and cardiovascular exercise for both of you. Improves body health and fitness. Burn calories and gives overall good physical and mental feeling.

Playing in the backyard – It is tempting to open the door and let the dog out.  Instead, throw a ball and compete with him, who gets the ball first.  Play tug while alternating hands. Chase each other (this is one of my dog’ s favorites).

Group Walking DogsJoin a group – It is fun to walk together with other pet owners.  Search on the Meetups site for a group in your area and join.




Do activities on a regular basis. Be innovative and create new games you and your dog enjoy together. Not only you lose weight, but you bond with your dog more than ever.

More ideas for dog and owner exercising on our 4-legged blog.

If you have an idea, just add it for everybody to know.


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Pets Summer Dangers – How to Avoid Them

dogs_in_summerIt’s almost summer, which means it’s time to refresh our memory regarding pets summer dangers and the do’s and don’ts. When the weather starts to heat up we need to take action to prevent overheating, dehydration and sunburn. Remember to treat your pets in summer just as you would a human. Provide plenty of water and never leave them in a car.

Don’t Over-groom

Again – if we feel hot, so does the pet (maybe even more). After all, they have natural coats on them all the time. It is very important to keep Fido groomed, but not bald, as the layer of hair helps protect the skin from sunburns.

Enjoying the Outdoors

If your dog has gentle skin, use pet sunscreen. Also, it is recommended to brush the fur everyday to keep it clean and free of ticks. You can use sunscreen or insect repellent product for pets to accomplish this.

Insect Repellent Dog T Shirt
Insect Repellent T-Shirt

New products to check out include the Insect Repellent T-Shirt and Insect Repellent Bandana. They act as a shield that protects against a variety of insects, which can often carry dangerous diseases. They also allow you to avoid other repellent products that use harsh chemicals.

Don’t leave pets outside for too long. Supervise them and provide a shaded area where they can hide from the sun. Don’t ever leave your dog or cat outside without fresh, cool water.

So many pets summer dangers can be avoided by having enough water on hand. Whether it’s in your backyard, on the beach, or hiking, you should always have fresh water with you. Use a plastic bottle and travel bowl or pet water bottles that make it easy for pets to drink from directly. Freeze used plastic water bottles and let Fido lick it while outside. At home, add ice cubes to the water. Most dogs love it.

Traveling by Car

As stated above, do not leave your pet (or child) in a parked car – not even for a short time. The temperature in the car, even if the windows are open, can climb to dangerous levels in a very short time. The heat can lead to dehydration and even death.

The Daily Walk

Do not skip the daily walk; instead, do it early in the morning or later in the day after the hot hours have passed. At the same time, do not over-exercise the pet when it’s too hot outside.

The backyard

Again, fresh cold water must always be in reach and you should provide a shaded cool area. Also, beware of hot asphalt that will burn puppy’s paws. If it is an outdoor dog, all the above are a must! When the temperature is very high, think about bringing him into the AC to avoid pets summer dangers altogether.

Playing in the hot weather could include a big “dog pool” made of a hard plastic container that’s big and deep enough to cool off your pet’s body while playing. You can also use the garden hose to play with your pet while cooling him off.

Remember that there are plants in your backyard that are not safe for dogs. Many lawn fertilizers and weed control products could be toxic.

In the Home

Click the image for details

When you leave home and the weather is very hot, you can put a cooling pad in your pet’s crate or as a bed right on the floor. The pad is self-cooling, meaning that no electricity is involved and it’s safe to leave it unattended while you’re not home. Another option is to simply have a fan in the crate.

Also, try giving your pooch a frozen water bottle or some frozen chicken soup – they would definitely enjoy licking these items.

To sum it up – pets summer dangers can be avoided by understanding that dogs (and cats) suffer from heat just like humans. Water, shade and a cool spot to rest will help them enjoy summer in a safe way.

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