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Figuring Out Dog Serving Sizes

dog serving sizesIt can be difficult to know exactly how much food to give to our dogs. Despite consumers’ concerns, pet food manufacturers actually like to suggest an overly broad range of dog serving sizes on their food packages. Blindly follow these directions, and you could be significantly overfeeding or underfeeding your dog.

What’s In the Food?

The choice of food that you give to your dog is the first of many important considerations when it comes to dog serving sizes.

Canned Foods – These usually have higher-quality protein, as well as fewer preservatives and fillers. They often have fewer calories and carbohydrates also.

Dry Foods – These are often nutritionally balanced. They have more meat byproducts, but the dogs’ chewing helps knock tartar off their teeth. Dry food also tends to be cheaper and easier to store.

Home Prepared Foods – It is important that your dog receives all its nutritional needs. Since meeting all these needs at every feeding is almost impossible, you could feed your dog home-prepared foods that vary over time.

So What are the Serving Sizes?

Each dog has its own energy needs that vary with size, age, and activity level; therefore, it is impossible to predict the exact serving size for your dog. Trial and error will help you narrow it down.

Start with the dog serving sizes listed on the food package and weigh your dog every few weeks.  Then, adjust the serving size up or down as needed to maintain your dog’s ideal weight. If your dog is energetic and keeps his figure trim, then he is probably eating the right amount.

How Often Should You Feed Your Dog?

Adult dogs should receive two servings – one in the morning and one in the evening. This will help you monitor your dog’s intake and health while regulating his routines. Just make sure to keep weighing your dog and cut back on the food if it’s getting too large.

Special Designer Dog Bowls

There are many special types of dog bowls and pet feeders that can help your unique dog’s eating habits.

Fast Eaters –  If your dog eats too fast, you can slow down his eating habits by using a dog bowl for fast eaters. Fast eating may cause dogs to choke and gag on food when their intake isn’t controlled. This is bowl designed with obstacles in the middle of the bowl, so it doesn’t allow for a direct route to the food.

Messy Dogs – Some dogs are particularly messy when it comes to eating and drinking. For the sake of cleanliness, you could try a no-splash pet bowl.

Tall Dogs – For healthier posture, tall dogs and older pets should eat from taller bowls. It is especially beneficial if the dog has joint or hip issues.

Feel free to browse our entire collection of designer dog bowls and treat jars.

Pampering Your Dog or Cat Means Pampering Yourself

Pampering your pet is pampering yourself.According to the 2009-2010 National Pet Owners Survey, 38.2 million households in the U.S. own a cat, while 45.6 million own a dog. Also, 93.6 million cats and 77.5 million dogs are owned in total in America. For 2010, it is estimated that $47.7 billion will be spent on our pets. Clearly, we love to pamper them. They are our babies and our family, and they deserve the world!

Because we love our pets, pampering them with new toys and treats or even a new bed will also benefit us as we watch them grow to love their gifts. Just like with human products, we are always looking for new items beyond traditional necessities. Pampering your dog means looking into the wide range of available pet apparel and designer pet products currently on the market.

Taking Grooming to the Next Level

Today’s grooming is not just a haircut, quick bath and nail trim. Dental solutions, mouthwash, dental wipes, toothbrushes and ear wipes (just to mention few) are routine steps in a beauty session for some pooches. And don’t forget the sun block spray! Colognes and hair dye gels are available for a finishing touch. These types of products can be found at our pet grooming products page.

The Fancy Dinner Dish

Today’s pet foods involve wholesome, natural ingredients. I spend more time choosing my pet’s food than I do for my family. You have food formulas for puppies and kittens, for diets, and for senior pets, ensuring a long and healthy life for our furry companions. Put that special food in a special bowl!

When pampering your dog or cat, forget about the typical, boring plastic bowl. Our pooch and kitty food dishes are comfortably ergonomic. Pets now feed in relaxed upright positions, reducing the strain on their muscles and joints caused by feeding directly on the floor. A big selection of designer dog bowls are available in various colors. They’re made from acrylic glass, ceramic, porcelain or stainless steel. You can order them hand painted or personalized so they’ll be one-of-a-kind. Endless options are available to compliment your kitchen décor.

Pets Go High-Tech

If the small guy needs to stay at home alone while you’re at work, have no fear – the automatic feeder and waterer will take care of his needs.

Also, during cold winter days, try using thermal dog coats and high-tech, self-warming pet mats. Once the summer heat hits, cooling pet mats and bandannas will do the trick.

Dog Enrichment Classes

Cute plush toys and outdoor toys are available anywhere. However, keep in mind that pampering your dog can mean getting them toys that also have health benefits. For example, dental dog toys remove plaque while satisfying chewing needs, and they promote healthy teeth and gums.

Interactive puzzle toy

A new trend for the smart pooch’s playtime involves interactive dog toys that eliminate boredom and develop a dog’s intelligence. The puzzle toys are great for nurturing problem-solving skills. They also provide an excellent outlet for energy, and they’re just a great way to spend quality time.

Bed Time

Pet owners can find big selection of boutique dog beds and accessories to match their home décor and the special needs of the pet.

There’s also a big selection of couches, memory foam beds, and bed sets with matching pillows and blankets. Designer dog beds often have customizable fabric to match your home décor. Beds for older pets or pets with health issues are also available, as are sleeping bags for when they travel with us.

Dogs On the Go

Designer dog clothes keep our pets at the height of fashion throughout the year. Whether you’re going to a special event or having a holiday party, here is just a small selection of the dog clothes you can treat your pet to:

  • Faux mink coats
  • Plaid jackets
  • Wedding dresses and tuxedos
  • Matching hair bows and jewels
  • Leather collars and leash sets
  • Halloween costumes
  • Christmas outfits

Upscale designer pet carriers will keep the pet owner in style as well.

Pampering your dog also means keeping them safe. We should be using car harnesses, booster seats and car seat covers during our travels. Senior dogs can be aided using a pet ramp for easy access to higher places. Also, being a biker doesn’t mean Fido has to stay home. Check out some car and bike accessories that can keep your furry friend by your side regardless of your method of travel.

Your Pets Deserve the Pampering

Pampering your dog or cat might initially seem silly, but why shouldn’t we? Really, who wouldn’t prefer a pet bed or bowl set that complements their decor? Dog boutique designers have taken this concept all the way with an impressive lineup of products any pet owner would be proud to place in their home. Take advantage of them!

The Importance Of Water for Pets

Pets Water BowlsWater is a crucial part of both humans and pet’s health. Like humans, animals bodies are about 80% water. Most animal experts will agree that pets should be given the same quality water as humans. While many pet owners already do this, some may not realize why water for pets is so essential.

Fresh Water for Pets

Cats and dogs, the two most common house pets, need fresh water and plenty of it. On a side note,
cats are very finicky about their water – they like it fresh. The longer the water sits out, the more oxygen it loses.

Keep in mind that it doesn’t really matter how fresh the water in a pet bowl is if the bowl is not cleaned frequently. Bacteria can grow from mold in the air in your pet’s bowl. (That’s what those growths are!) So, clean the bowl often and keep it filled with fresh, filtered water.

Also, keep in mind – drinking more water can reduce urinary tract disorders in cats and dogs.

Making Sure They Get Enough

All year long, but especially during the hot season, you need to make sure your pet has enough fresh  water all day long. The simple solution is the pet waterer. Don’t forget to fill it when the level is low and clean the pet waterer once a week.

You can find many pet supply manufacturers that offer water fountains, water filters, designer dog bowls, special dispensers and more. When it comes down to it though, a normal stainless steel or glass bowl filled with water from a home-filtration system works well.