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Mother Dog Saves Her Puppies From a Fire

dog saves her puppiesFirefighters were amazed during a recent early-morning response to a house fire. A mother dog risked her life to save her puppies from the fire engulfing her house. The mother dog, Amanda, raced back and forth between the house, putting her 10-day-old puppies in the safest place she could find – a fire truck!

As an onlooker photographed it with his cell phone, she had already placed a few of her puppies in one of the truck’s equipment compartments. She didn’t stop racing back into the smoke and fire until all of her babies were safely away from the fire.

The firemen on the scene could not believe their eyes. Most people have never seen a dog this smart or this brave! Bringing each one out at once, she took six trips into the fire and no one could stop her. Here are more photos captured as the dog saves her puppies:




All the firemen could do was to spray water on her each time to keep her from singeing. You can see some of the singed hair on her back end, forehead and lower legs. After rescuing all of her pups from the blaze, Amanda sat down next to them to nurse, protecting them with her body. Onlookers called an emergency veterinary service, and she and her pups were rushed to the hospital. Aside from one puppy being treated for serious burns, the entire family is alive and well thanks to the bravery of Amanda. What a heroic mother! How great!

Bed Bug Dogs – Some Breeds Can Actually Smell the Pests

You probably know that a dog’s powerful sense of smell can detect illegal drugs, dangerous explosives, and even counterfeit currency. Now you can add one more to the list: bed bugs. This could come as a godsend to anyone that has had to deal with bed bugs in the past and may be wondering if they’re in a new residence. Bed bugs are notoriously hard to eradicate.

Are Bed Bug Dogs Really Needed?

The blood-sucking bed bugs were virtually eradicated some 50 years ago in the United States. Now, however, experts blame the recent resurgence on the nocturnal creatures’ growing resistance to insecticides and increased international travel.

About a dozen companies nationwide have bed bug dogs that provide detection services. One of the largest is Advanced K9 Detectives, which is based in Milford, Connecticut. It has six handlers and eight pooches – some mixed mutts, others purebred.

“The problem is growing,” says company owner Carl Massicott of the pesky bugs. So much so that he plans on opening six new branches nationwide this year alone.

The insects don’t transmit disease but some people experience red, itchy welts up to two weeks after being bitten.

Beagles are the Typical Bed Bug Dogs

Massicott and his trusty beagle, Radar, fetch big bucks to look for the tiny creatures in homes, cruise ships, college dorm rooms and hotels.

He says one of his dogs can search a hotel room for live bugs in about one minute, with 98 percent accuracy.

A visual inspection by an exterminator is only 13 to 25 percent accurate, he says.

“Yo Quiero” Taco Bell Dog Has Gone to Rainbow Bridge

Gidget, the Chihuahua that became famous during the 1990s for staring in Taco Bell ads, has died at the age of 15. Gidget suffered a stroke on Tuesday in her trainer’s home and had to be euthanized according to Karin McElhatton, owner of the agency that owned the dog.

Although the dog had hearing troubles, Gidget was in basically good health up to her final days, playing with her favorite toys and eating well at the home of her trainer.

“She was retired. She lived like a queen, very pampered,” McElhatton said.

Gidget the Taco Bell dog was discovered at a kennel and was not considered to be show quality – she had an under-bite and very large ears.

Rise to Fame

In a TV commercial that premiered in 1997, Gidget was portrayed as a male dog who, using special effects and a voice actor, proclaims “Yo quiero Taco Bell” in a heavy accent. The translation is of course, “I want Taco Bell.”

TV viewers were enamored. It was only supposed to be a single ad, but it eventually became a campaign that ran for the next three years.

Gidget flew first-class, made an appearance at Madison Square Garden, and even opened up the New York Stock Exchange.

Other On-Screen Work

She did other acting work later in her career, including the movie “Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde.” in 2003.

She continued to be very pampered throughout her retirement, going beach visits and hikes with her trainer. She loved to nap in the sun and entered her old age gracefully.

“She was like a little old lady. She’d kind of gotten smaller,” McElhatton said.

Gidget the Taco Bell dog will be cremated. The Taco Bell Corp. stated that she would be dearly missed. “Our deepest sympathies go out to her owners and fans,” the restaurant said.

To read the full article, please visit USA Today.