Caring For Pets in Frigid Temperature

pets frigid temperatureNow that the cold weather is here for the next few months, pet owners should consider a few changes in order to keep their dog and cat warm and healthy.

If you feel the cold,  your pets feel it too. Some are more tolerant to the weather like big breeds, healthy dogs with thick fur. Small breed and puppies are more sensitive to cold and freeze. Dogs with arthritis and joint issues may suffer when the temperatures low. A sweater or a coat is useful. Just make sure it fits him and he can move freely.

When the temp around zero, consider a shorter walk if your dog doesn’t look like he is enjoying the outdoor walk.

Always, after the walk, check the dog paws for frostbite and wipe them from the moisture (wipe all his body if he is wet). When you bath him, check his skin. Bad frostbite cause redness or even lesions. If the dog’s paws are sensitive to the cold, consider booties.

Bring in your pets. If it is not possible organize a warm shelter with a small opening that will keep the dog or cat from the cold winds and the snow.  If possible, do it for a feral cat too. The recommendation is to lined the shelter with straw that won’t freeze as blanket or hay will.  Make sure the water does not freeze and put a mat where it’s dry, for the pet to sleep.

When leaving the house , keep the heat on.

Before starting your car, see if you don’t have a furry guest under the car who tries to warm.

Antifreeze and ice melters are toxic for pets. You can use pet friendly ice melter, that is safe for pets and children. If the dog start limping check if salt  stuck on his pad.

Animals that are exposed to these extreme elements for too long will die.

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