Exercising With Your Pet – It’s Fun, Easy & Bonding

pet rescueIt goes without saying that good eating habits and workouts can contribute to our well-being and prevent obesity. While we all know that, we may or may not actually be doing anything with that information. For those who don’t, maybe the thought of making your pet happy and healthy while benefiting yourself will encourage you to get up from the sofa.

Exercising with your pet not only provides great health benefits – it can also strengthen the bond between you and your furry friend.

Exercises to Do with Your Pet

Daily walks: You know your pooch just loves going for a walk – maybe even more than running in the backyard. If you’re just starting to do it regularly, begin slowly and increase your frequency as you go. Start with 10 minutes and add another 5 minutes every few days. Even if you are not in a great shape, gradually adding speed and distance will improve your health without you even noticing it. If it’s very hot and humid, go for walks early in the morning or after sunset. If it’s very cold, consider getting some dog coats or dog shoes.

Fetch with a ball: Throw it and try to get the ball before he does. Some dogs (my Libby for instance) like to run away with the ball and wait for me to chase her. All this running can be great exercise.

Tug:  Most dogs love this game. If you have a medium to large size dog, or just a very strong pooch, you’ll be burning some calories for sure with this game.

Running together: If you are in good shape, go to the park and run with your dog. This will work your heart, lungs and legs as you burn calories. Also, try leashing the dog and running up and down some stairs together. To make it harder, take two steps at a time.

Agility training: Agility exercises provide a good workout for both dog and trainer.

Bike riding – This provides great aerobic exercise, but don’t ride too fast. Keep an eye on the dog and make sure the speed is good for him.

If you have a kitty, you can use dumbbells to exercise your arms. While you do this, have a cat toy tied to the dumbbells that your cat will chase. You can also simply dance with your kitty in your arms – have fun 🙂

Exercising with your pet in these ways will give you a cardiovascular workout while developing endurance. Best of all, you’ll be burning calories while having fun with your furry baby.

Considerations Before Exercise

Before you go out to exercise, consider the following:

  • If you have any health issues please talk to your doctor before starting a workout routine.

  • Start with low intensity and gradually get more difficult. Don’t over do it at the beginning.

  • Water is a must for a parent and furry baby during a workout.

  • Check out the 4-legged Pet Boutique for the K9 Fitness Pack.

Do you have more ideas that will motivate working out together with our pets? Feel free to add your thoughts in the comments.

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