Halloween Dog Safety

Halloween Pet  Safety TipsSpooky! While it can be fun to put your pet in some spooky or cute dog Halloween costumes, it’s important to remember that dogs and cats face some safety risks that you may or may not be expecting during this time of the year. So, lets try and keep our pets calm and safe this season by taking some Halloween dog safety precautions.

Protect Them From Candy

The tasty chocolates and sweets collected during trick or treat on the night of Halloween sure are yummy – to us and to our dogs as well. We tend to incorrectly believe that animals know what is good or bad for them. Many dogs love chocolate, but it is very toxic for most of them – especially dark or baking chocolate. These foods are so toxic that it can even cause death.  Therefore, the first rule of the night of Halloween, and every other day, is to keep chocolates and sweets away from our pooches.

Also, candy wrappers should go in the garbage instead of on the floor or the table where our pooches can get them. We call our pets “furry babies” because they are just like infants. If they see something they like, they might chew on it. If ingested, they may choke. So, keep the garbage in the garbage.

Strangers at the Door

Trick or treat! The doorbell is ringing and scary strangers both small and large are coming to the door. The cat is already under the sofa and the dog is barking like crazy, maybe even trying to attack. Dogs in this situation might also just be thinking that it’s been over an hour since their last walk and its time for another one. This can be a big mess.

To maintain calm in your home, keep your pets behind a door in another room with water and some toys. Also, you may be surprised to find out that you have a Houdini at home who can open locked doors. So, keep ID tags on both cats and dogs in case they manage to escape the room or even your house while your handing out candy through an open door.

Halloween Dog Safety: Costumes

If your pooch is wearing his own costume, make sure it fits him and that he can breathe and move freely. Also, be sure that it’s not too heavy for him. If he doesn’t like wearing clothes, please do not force him just because you think it’s cute. The rule for dog costumes is to keep it as simple as possible. For example, you could give them a cute ear accessory with funny Halloween lettering.

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