Health Alert: Jerky Pet Treat Recall

jerky pet treat recallThe FDA has issued a jerky pet treat recall due to over 3600 dogs and 10 cats to date reportedly becoming ill from eating all kinds of jerky pet treats. Most of these treats are made in China. To date, the FDA has not been able to identify the cause of the illnesses, but the correlation between eating the treats and the number of illnesses has warranted an investigation.

The FDA is asking for veterinarians and consumers to report any suspected cases. The FDA and the American Veterinary Medical Association recommend eliminating jerky treats that were not made in the USA from your pet’s diet.

Jerky Pet Treat Recall: Illness Symptoms

Most pets who have been affected have had symptoms within hours to days of eating the products.  Symptoms include decreased appetite, decreased activity, vomiting, diarrhea (sometimes with blood or mucous), increased water consumption and/or increased urination. Severe cases are diagnosed with pancreatitis, gastrointestinal bleeding and kidney failure, or the resemblance of a rare kidney related illness called Fanconi syndrome. Many have recovered from the illness, but the FDA has reports of more than 580 deaths.

Reporting Complaints

If you think your pet has contracted any illness due to the treats, you can help the FDA’s investigation by reporting complaints through the Safety Reporting Portal.

You can also contact the pet food/treats company and alert them about your pet’s illness (see packaging information). While this jerky pet treat recall continues, consider purchasing some safe, organic dog treats.

Source – Ridgewood Veterinary Hospital in NJ

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