The Most Talkative Siamese Cat

Siamese catHere at 4-legged, we love to post stories about pet owners and their lovable furry friends. Whether it’s a story about a kitty, puppy, older pet, or a pet from childhood, all stories are welcome. We want to know how your pet has positively affected your life. The following Siamese cat story is from May. Thanks May. Keep sending stories about your kitty.

Siamese Cat Loves to Talk

My experience with 4-legged was very different. My parents got me a dog when I was very young. As the dog got older, we adopted a Siamese cat as well. The cat and the dog had a little bit of a difficult time to get along, but eventually, they managed. Unfortunately, at that point, the dog got really sick and we had to put him to sleep. It was very sad and hard for me to deal with. He was my best friend for 13 years. I was really scared to get attached to a 4-legged again, but I was already attached to my cat. Now, I live with my roommates, with my cat, and their 2 cats. My cat is the most talkative and sometimes it could drive us crazy, but at the same time, I always wonder; is anything bothering her? Is she okay? I wonder what she is thinking that needs to be said out loud. Sometimes I can swear she makes fun of me, because she cries and cries, and then out of nowhere, purrs so loud, that people in the next room can hear. She is a funny cat, but I love her with all my heart. My parents ended up adding to the family 2 more cats.

What can I say? We LOVE 4-legged!

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Two Lazy Cats in Hot Weather

Lazy CatsIt is so hot right now that you could just die. How do you deal with cats in hot weather? Pictured to the right are two of my cats, thrown on the floor, looking like rugs with eyes. If I could, I would do the same thing. However, we humans have to deal with the chores of life. Whether it’s snowing, raining or sunny, we have to run around doing our daily things.

Taking Care of Cats in Hot Weather

As you know, we need to take care of our pets, just as we do with our children or any other human beings we’re responsible for. With temperatures climbing over 90 degrees Fahrenheit, cats in hot weather should stay at home with the A/C on and have clean water so they can drink any time they feel like. Make sure they stay well-groomed to keep them cool by removing excess hair.

The problem with my two lazy cats is that they don’t move at all. I look at my 4-leggeds and wonder what runs through their minds. They probably think that I’ll bring the water to them. Well.. they’re wrong, big time 🙂

Would you bring water to your lazy cats in hot weather?

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Meet the Princess and Prince

As a child I was never allowed to keep a pet at home (not true, I was allowed to have fish…hooray). So just imagine how my first own house looked after I left my parents’ home. I started with a Siamese kitten, then another one, then a medium size Terrier. Not much place left in my small house.
That was quite awhile ago. More recently, the house was empty again, so sad. So I took a drive to the nearest shelter, walked by the cages, and fell in love with Figaro. It took him about a week to get used to the new environment. He spent some time under the bed, then climbed on the bed, and now he is everywhere.
His preferences are (in this order): Food, watching at the window, food, to be petted, food, sleeping, and…….food….
Carmen came second. Just like Figaro, she was laying in her cage at the shelter, looking at me with her huge eyes, but acting as if she doesn’t care if I’ll pick her or not. So I picked her.
She was the Queen of the house the second we arrived home. Her preferences are (in this order): play, play, play, to be petted, and……play….
Now I have two cats, no special breed, no trophies from winning a competition, just two furry balls with tons of love and joy.
Now I wonder how they’ll welcome a puppy.

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