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Lets Talk Dog Treats V. Oral Health

dog oral healthEach time I am looking for a new treats for my dogs, I see the “helps keep dog teeth clean” or”prevent plaque”. I am skeptical in my nature, so I decided to do some research and try to find the truth behind this declaration.

Bad Dog Teeth

Nice White Dog Teeth

We all know how important oral hygiene is. Neglecting pet’s oral care may result in big bucks paying to the vet for cleaning and treating bad teeth. Not to mention pain, inflamed gums, infection and periodontal disease.

In order to keep teeth healthy we need to prevent the plaque buildup. Brushing is number one. I know how difficult it can be. Vets recommends doing it every day, I don’t think so, not in my house. When they bath they also get good teeth brushing.  With 3 dogs it takes about half a day (including: begs, chase, carrying to the bath etc.)

Looking for additional option, we start searching for dog treats and toys with cleansing benefit.

What I learned:

1. Dry diet may decrease dental disease while wet food is sticky and leave leftovers between teeth.

2. kibbles available in different design and some include an anti-tartar chemicals

3. Rawhide has the same benefit as Kibbles, contain an anti-tartar ingredient

4. Chew treats and Rawhide will be beneficial if the dog chew on them every day, for at least 30 minutes each time. The treat will massages their gums and scrapes away tartar.

5. Dog treat are usually high in calories, so match the size to your dog size or look for low calories treats.

6. If the dog doesn’t take the time to chew, there is no benefit but the extra calories.

6. Dental dog toys – for the pooch who loves to chew. Like the dry treats, the longer he’ll chew the better. Choosing toys should fit the dog size and personality. Choose him the perfect toys that are not to big or small. That are not too taught - might break a tooth or injured him, and not too soft as there is no benefit for oral care.

My conclusion is that chew treats with chew toys may help keeping plaque and tartar buildup to some point. But only if your dog can chew for half an hour. I know my dogs can not. BUT, it does not replace the  teeth brushing. All the above are true for cats too.

Check DOG dental care  and CAT dental care products.

Dealing with Pets shedding Season

pets sheddingMost of us, pet owners, have to deal with our dogs and cat shedding year round. Bur it gets so much worse when the season changes. Sometimes i need to vacuum the house even twice a day with my 3 dogs and two cats. Yes, it’s quite annoying, but i would not change anything.  With the love and happiness they bring home, this is only a small fee to pay.

Shedding cannot be eliminated totally, but there are a few steps to ease the pain (of my arm from cleaning).

This one goes to cats and dogs – grooming. Use a good brush and let them enjoy. Do it as often as you can. If you can do it daily that is great. You should choose the right brush to fit pup’s hair / fur. Cats have their brush too.

Bath your doggie – I know it’s not an easy task convince most pups to bath (i know mine when it’s time, and they hide like it helps them). After bathing brush him and you’ll collect all the loose hair that would be on the floor tomorrow if he did not bath today.

Try changing his diet – Healthy and balanced diet gives the fur shining and healthy look. Always check the
ingredient and make sure Protein, meat, minerals are in first line. Low nutrients may cause excessive shedding and vice versa.

Supplements for anti-shedding – vitamins, and essential oils may improve shedding. The best is to ask your vet for recommendations.

Other than that – just vacuum and use the sticky lint roller remover, and do not wear Black….Yea :)

If you a tip to add here, please do.

Preventative Pet Care: Tips for a Healthier, Happier Pet

healthy happy petYou want what is best for your pet, and just like any other family member, you want them to live happily and in good health for as long as they can.  However, the same sweet little pooch that is content to just sit in your lap might have serious health issues that he or she can’t tell you about. Also, injuries and accidents happen at the worst possible times and emergency vet bills can be expensive.  Taking a few simple precautions can save you big money in the long run.

Besides plenty of exercise, socialization, vaccinations and regular vet checkups, there are many different ways with which to extend your dog’s life.  Many dog breeds are more prone to specific health issues like hip dysplasia, glaucoma, breathing disorder, bone cancer and digestive disorders.  Ask your vet about what illnesses your dog may be susceptible to.  And check the natural supplements for dogs

Listed below are other ways to help your dog stay healthy and age with ease and grace:


Keep your dog’s nails clipped and their hair brushed.  Even inside dogs can develop joint pains and develop matts associated with poor grooming.  You don’t have to take them to the groomer and run up a big bill either.  Just regularly brush your pet and buy a cheap pair of nail clippers to do the job.  Many vets provides grooming services, as well.


Canine dental health is directly related to their overall health.  Gum and tooth disease is highly preventable.  According to Darlene Arden, author of The Angell Memorial Animal Hospital Book of Wellness and Preventive Care for Dogs (McGraw-Hill), “Rotting teeth and gums are breeding grounds for harmful bacteria, which end up in the bloodstream and can shorten a pet’s life by damaging the heart, liver and kidneys.” Cheap plaque removing treats and dog toothbrushes are available at

Heartworm Prevention states:  “A [heartworm] prevention program should be started at 6 to 8 weeks of age in endemic areas, or as soon thereafter as climate conditions dictate. In the Deep South, where mosquitoes are a year-round problem, dogs should be kept on preventive drugs all year long.” Medications like Heartgard can be purchased at major retailers, and the Heartgard even markets prevention medications against fleas and ticks, Or check the natural and healthier way with shampoo and spray to prevent flea and ticks


Have your pet spayed or neutered as early as possible, preferably before they reach sexual maturity—younger dogs heal faster.  This will prevent a multitude of health and behavior problems in the future, including many types of cancer.  Your dog will not gain weight—that is a myth. Neutering prevents behavioral issues like escaping, becoming aggressive, and spraying when males smell a female in heat. Spayed females are more likely to have an even temperament.

Another important outcome will be reducing the dogs (and cats) population, meaning, less unwanted shelter animal killings


Feed your dog foods that fit the AAFCO (Association of American Feed Control Officials) standards. A balanced diet consists of good proteins, veggies and fruits and whole grains.  Try and avoid foods that contain large amounts of corn and by-products.  A healthy dog on higher quality food will ultimately avoid illnesses across the spectrum.

Pet Insurance

Pet insurance companies help you prepare for the emergencies.  They usually involve a monthly fee, a little paperwork, and require a pet to be healthy for a year and have no preexisting conditions.  It’s important to get your dog on pet insurance while they are young.

Following these guidelines will help prevent major catastrophes with your dog, will help to extend their lives, and will prepare them (and your wallet) for old age.  So hold your Chihuahua (or Husky that thinks she’s a lapdog) a little longer knowing that with your help, they’ll be with you for a long time.