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Avoiding Ticks and Lyme Disease

Summer Dog Tick

Usually, when we are talking ticks, we have dogs on our mind. The truth is, ticks love the human blood as much as they like the dog’s and cat’s blood. Avoiding ticks & Lyme disease is for pets and parents (and any human), not only pet owner, who spends time in the outdoors.

The best chance to get the bloodsuckers is in a grassy area like your backyard, wooden areas,  etc. Unlike the believe, ticks are dangers all year round, especially in  the warmer areas.  The deer ticks are those who transfer Lyme disease, and in 2013 about 300,000 new cases of human disease were reported.

The best way to treat the disease, is trying to avoid it. For pet and parents, keep grass cut in the backyard, discard standing water (also good against mosquitoes),  if you are on a trail, walk in the center of the road..

Every day after the last walk outside,  it’s recommended to conduct a full body check of your pet (s), looking close to the skin as possible. If you find a tick, you need to remove it immediately.  Ticks carry lime and other diseases, depends on the tick type.

Brushing the pet fur / hair may be also useful.

Keep your dog groomed with short fur/ hair.

Use tick control for your pet. There are many products on the market of dog tick and flea control like collars, spray, one a month topical, powders. In addition, you can, or should, bathing him with tick and flea shampoo to kill whatever is crawling on him.  Do not use any of them on your cat since cats are highly sensitive to chemicals. If needed, ask your vet what to use.

Remember that sometimes it is hard to see the tick bite, The bites are painful to the dog,  and that it takes about 7 days for illness to affect the dog.

To remove ticks, never use your fingers. Use gloves and a fine-tipped tweezers. Grab the tick by the head (not the body) and just pull firmly directly outward, without twisting.  Then put it in a jar with alcohol and let her die…. Don’t wash it in the toilet, it won’t kill it.

If tick found on your pet, you should also check yourself.  Fined one, wash your clothes and dry on very high temperature.

In case of illness, it is usually treated with antibiotics.

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Doghouses for the tech-savvy


For many of us our dogs are like small furry alternatives to actual human babies, until we feel old and responsible enough to actually procreate.

Sure, our hairy children might chew things and take up all the room on the sofa and not let you know when they need to go out so leave little presents in the middle of the kitchen floor for when you come downstairs in the morning, but you love them all the same and only want the best for them.

Perhaps you won’t follow in the footsteps of Paris Hilton, whose dogs enjoy their very own doghouses with two floors, a chandelier, a balcony and upholstered leather chairs – it’s probably kitted out better than your own home – but you might have been looking for that perfect dog house to enhance your pooch’s every day life.

For the tech savvy dog owner (and dog) Samsung has got you covered with its high-tech doghouses that was unveiled at this year’s Crufts show. This house will set you back $30,000 (£20,469) but hey, it offers an electronic feeder, a treadmill, a hydrotherapy pool and a Galaxy S tablet so your dog can enjoy browsing the web while you’re at work. Oh and don’t forget the ‘sleep chamber’ with its plush bed for those afternoon naps.

AR Design Studio, an architect practice based in Winchester, has designed a doghouses for two Great Danes which features retina scan entry, temperature controlled beds, automatically dispensed chilled, filtered water, dog vision web cams so the owner can keep an eye on them and an outdoor play area with climbing ramp.

Okay let’s face it, you’re not going to fork out thousands of pounds on a dog house for your pup but if you really want to enhance their living space talk to a specialist such as The Underfloor Heating Store and have some underfloor heating installed to ensure their paws are always nice and toasty. It could be that simple if you want to get techy about it.

So why do people spend thousands on homes for their pets? After all, doesn’t a simple cushion bed and stainless steel food and water bowls offer just the same comfort a dog needs, plus your company?

Many people feel protective of their pets because they see them ‘as part of the family’ and so go out of their way to treat them like a human as much as they can.

However, a dog honestly doesn’t need all this pampering and it definitely doesn’t need a touch screen tablet in its tiny house to keep it entertained. Throw it a chew toy and it will be just as happy.

We need to take a step back and look at how we treat our animals, because too much love can leave them fat and lazy. Instead of spending thousands of pounds / dollars on a dog house they probably won’t appreciate, take them out for longer walks, try to leave the office on time to spend time with them, don’t feed them too much cheese, only Organic and Healthy Treats  and we promise if they don’t have the latest fancy dog bed they will turn out just fine. But they do need a comfy pet bed that fits their size and sleeping habits.

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Dog Harness, What’s New For Spring & Summer.

Dog harness, what’s new for Spring & Summer.  After a long cold snowy season, we are welcoming the warmer weather. Spring’s  brilliant colors of renewal and blossom influenced the new designs of the dog harness.

The new design of the dog harnesses has 3 color types.

Neon Sport Dog HarnessesThe “Neon Sport” features a unique Overlay Pattern that is applied to a Special Color Blended diamond soft mesh, with brilliant color tones. This harness is perfect for jogging or walking with your dog. Step in Mesh Choke Free harness fits dog sizes from XXSMALL  up to size XXXL (approx 90 Lbs.)


Neon Dog Harnerss Orange Iridescent-Orange-Neon-Sport-American-River-Choke-Free-Harness-2l


Chocke Free Harness In Rainbow Colors





The “Ombre” used special color blending technique to create a beautiful Palette of Rainbow Colors. Step in Mesh Choke Free harness fits dog sizes from XXSMALL  up to size XXXL (approx 90 Lbs.)


Rainbow Harness Rainbow-Ombre-American-River-Choke-Free-Harness-2l






The “Top Stitch” feature 7  New Brilliant                                                                              Colors that are the first of their kindDog Harness Spring 2015. Also created a Special Top Stitch Pattern that matches the color of the Soft Mesh body.  As with the other designs, the Step in Mesh Choke Free harness fits dog sizes from XXSMALL  up to size XXXL (approx 90 Lbs.)


Yellow Black Harness Vibrant-Yellow-Top-Stitch-American-River-Choke-Free-Harness-2l






If you love patterns, sea and summer,Cool Dog Harness with Sea Themes there is a harness for you..:)

All these harnesses are for extra small dogs – chest of 10″ – 12″ and up to large chest 19″ – 21″. They are cool and lightweight, perfect for hot summer days. They feature quick and easy that  will not open!! Velcro neck and chest closures, making it very easy on and off, and a D-Ring.

We offer embroidered Applique of 9 sea and summer fun:  Flip Flop , Fish , Green and Pink smiling Frog, a Mermaid , Blue Octopus for him, and Pink Octopus for her, Blue Pirate Octopus, Yellow Submarine, and Cute Pink Black Sunglasses.Harness wih Sunglasses AppliqueSunglasses-Pink-and-Black-Cool-Mesh-Velcro-Harnesses-with-Matching-Leash-l

The exciting new line of the spring & summer harness has it all and with so many colors and appliques everyone can find his preferred style.

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