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New Hottest Pet Products For The Cold Season

Classy-dog-overall-zippy2As always, we at 4-legged pet boutique, looking for the newest and best pet items we can offer you, pet parents and pet lovers. This year the new hottest pet products for the cold season are, undoubtedly, the full body dog  overalls.

The selection of the dog overalls including different sizes, different colors, different materials and different purpose for wearing it.  No matter which one you choose, they are all adjustable, supper protective, windproof, breathable, tear proof.

Adjustable Blizzard Dog Overall Jacket

These overalls designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions possible: a Blizzard, Typhoon, Hurricane or Rainstorm. The outer-shell is double-waterproofed, windproof, breathable, and in addition features surrounded 3M Reflective lining for emergency visibility. The interior has a thick layer of extremely high-quality warm-protective and thick anti-static breathable fleece, offers a fantastic ventilation system.

Available in Black,  Blue, Orange and Red. From size XSmall through Xlarge (some sizes are out of stock at this point)


Quantum-Ice Full-Body Adjustable Dog Overall

The Quantum-Ice, one of it’s kind full-body adjustable and 3M reflective Jacket is Inner-lined with exclusively developed Blackshark Technology, this innovative fabric is Lightweight, Waterproof, Windproof, Snow proof, Breathable, Cold-Repellent, Impermeable and Tear Resistant and engineered and tested to withstand the harshest weather conditions possible, whether you’re caught in a Blizzard, Typhoon, Hurricane or Rainstorm. Size – Black, Blue, Red and Yellow. XSmall through Xlarge (some sizes are out of stock at this point)


Thunder-crackle Plush Full-Body Adjustable Dog Overall

Thunder-crackle full-body waded-plush Adjustable and 3M Reflective The Inner-lined with Blackshark Technology,  Lightweight fabric that is  Waterproof, Windproof, Snow proof, Breathable, Cold-Repellent, Impermeable and Tear Resistant. Available colors are Orange and Blue

The new Zippy Collection is an high end dog suits meticulously crafted with combination of functionality and style in mind for both, the active dogs and parents. All overalls are very easy to put on and off, and each color designed for different season.  See information below.


Cozy Full Body Dog Overall Cold Season

Recommended Seasons are Spring, Fall, Winter. This dog overall offers full covering of the dog’s body without compromising pet’s comfort or freedom of movement. Made with A breathable inner lining (100% polyester) that locks in warmth and insulates your dog on cooler days. A thick shell (80% polyester/15% cotton/5% spandex) that keeps your dog warm even on frigid winter days. A handy latch on the nape of the neck that makes putting the garment on your dog quick and convenient. the pant length adjustable for best fit, and some unique elastic inserts that make the suit flexible and leaves your dog’s movement unrestricted. Available in medium, and med/large sizes.


Sparky Full Body Dog Overall – Colder Seasons

Recommended Seasons are Spring, Colder Summer, Fall, Winter.  A bright red color with white accents that gives your dog a modern look.  A breathable inner lining,  water resistant shell with
4 zippers at the bottom of the pant legs that make
running your dog’s legs through the pants easy. Available in size small, medium, and med/large.


 Classy Full Body Dog Overall – Mild Seasons

Recommended Seasons are Spring, Summer, Fall, Mild Winter
made with special memory fabric that prevents wrinkling. Fully cover to protects your dog from head to paw, helping to keep dirt and insects away. With a lined zipper that runs along the back of the suit and will not catch on your dog’s fur. Available sizes are small, medium, and med/large.


Flashy Full Body Dog Overall – Warmer Seasons

Recommended Seasons: Spring, Summer, Fall, Warmer Winter.
Always fashionable black color with a  removable scarf.
Made of a durable materials that withstand years of wear and tear,
lightweight, breathable design that keeps your dog
comfortable on warmer or cooler days and dry as it water resistant.
The suit is flexible and leaves your dog’s movement unrestricted
Available in medium, and med/large sizes with option to choose one of two scarfs.


Zippy Full Body Dog Cover For Most Seasons

Recommended Seasons are Spring, Colder Summer, Fall, Winter.
cool modern look with this gray color and the bold red accents
Protects your dog from head to paw, shields your dog from wind, rain, snow and helping keep dirt and insects away. The dog suit flexible and leaves your dog’s movement unrestricted. Easy to put on / off. Available in medium, and med/large sizes.


For all dog overalls collection and more information please visit our 4-Legged Pet Boutique Pet Overalls


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The Surprising Health Benefits of Dog Ownership

Dog and Owner Connection Benefits

As a dog owner, I can personally vouch for the positive impact dogs have on their humans. After some heavy persuasion from my husband, our family adopted a sweet mutt about a year ago (I needed some convincing, because I was hesitant at the idea of having to clean up after a new puppy!). And now, just as my hubby promised me, I can’t imagine our family without her! I do need to add that the puppy supply offered did contribute to the clean house and relaxed pooch.

Being a health enthusiast, I probably would have considered bringing a pooch home sooner if I realized the many unique ways dogs can benefit people’s lives. In fact, besides being a reliable way of putting smiles on our faces, there are many health perks that come with including a dog in your family. Here are a few surprising health benefits of dog ownership you may not have known about:

Dogs promote a more active lifestyle. It’s in a dog’s nature to exercise, and pet parents can get in on the action not only to bond with their pet, but to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This article suggests finding activities the two of you can do together for mutual benefits – such as taking walks or enjoying a game of chase – rather than those that don’t require your involvement. For example, throwing your dog’s favorite toy for a game of fetch will help him burn off energy, but won’t do much to help you. Why not include yourself by seeing who can get to that toy first after you toss it?

Their sensitive noses are being used to detect cancer in patients. Research from over the last decade suggests that dogs may be able to detect the subtle differences in scent between healthy human tissue and that which has abnormalities such as cancer. As this article from the New York Times points out, this is just one more service to add to the list of health detection skills dogs provide to people—a list which already includes detecting low blood sugar and oncoming seizures.

And they also provide one-of-a-kind therapy to cancer sufferers. Dogs are truly amazing creatures, and can provide emotional support to those coping with cancer diagnosis and treatment, as well as physical assistance to those adjusting to life post-treatment. This guide highlights the research that has been done to study the benefits that these special service and therapy dogs offer to patients, and provides information on getting a dog of your own or training your furry friend to help those in need.

They may ward off the development of allergies – really! It may seem illogical, but researchers have found that children who grow up in homes with pets have a reduced risk for developing allergies later on in life. Recent studies suggest that being exposed to allergens early on may help the body build up its defenses against them. Thanks, Rover!

Anyone who has a dog knows just how special these animals are, and what valuable members of our families they become. Knowing that their presence in our lives also comes with an array of health benefits is just one more reason we call them man’s best friend!


Vee Cecil is a wellness coach, personal trainer, and bootcamp instructor. Vee is passionate about studying and sharing her findings in wellness through her recently-launched blog.

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New Outdoor Dog Bed Selection for Overnight Travel or Hike

Now that the summer is winding, it can be the best time to plan a longer travel and hiking and spend outdoor night with your dog and family or friends. The temperatures are more reasonable during the day and at night they are comfortable for sleeping outside. Using one of our new outdoor dog bed will have the trip successful for you and your pooch.

The list of products for making the trip easy on you and your pet is long. From portable dog bowls for food and drink to  travel organizer bag. Treats and dog toys. But if you stay the night outdoor we have new dog beds designed especially for that.


These selection of dog trail beds, in addition to be made of a PU coated Polyester-cotton and Nylon fabric.

Special technology used called   “BlackShark”  which makes this dog bed Impermeable, Waterproof, Windproof while Retaining Heat and keeping you Cool

In addition, they have a perimeter zippers and amazingly connect to additional pet beds of this style,  for an even larger bed area. Take it with you on your next trip rolled up and ready to use.

One size 39.4″L * 25.7″W * 4″H                

Price: $126  (free shipping for limited time with coupon on site)

Outdoor Supper Dog Beds


Other type of dog’s folding travel beds are the Polar Fleece Outer shell covering with special Cordura Nyco exterior (used by the US Army)

The bed is waterproof, lightweight, breathable, durable, abrasive-proof and easy to clean.

Completely rolls up and buckles shut and can attach to any outdoor travel backpack.

These beds available in 3 sizes

MEDIUM: 31.5″L X   23.6″W  X  4″H
LARGE: 35.6″L X  25.6″W  X   4″H
EXTRA LARGE: 39.4″L X  29.6″W  X  4″H

Nice modern four colors with Black back. See more info below.

Price starts $109 (free shipping for limited time with coupon on site)

All above outdoor dog beds are easy to carry, clean and use. A must for any trail and hike with overnight sleeping. Keeps pet warm, dry, and definitely gives him a pleasant place for a good sleep

For all our outdoor dog beds visit 4-legged pet boutique Outdoor Beds

For all our designer pet beds visit Designer Dog Beds

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