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Worthy Holiday Dog & Mom Gifts

Dog Bathing MatHere we go again, what to buy and for whom. To help the pet parents,  if it’s you or you buy to one,  here are some Worthy Holiday Dog (& Mom) Gifts. The latest pet and parents and pampered pups awesome gifts,  to make Christmas even more fun.

For the high maintenance dogs, male and female, a new Spa line including:  hair and skin cream, Crystal nail file,  soap and colon, beautiful bath mats, to mention few.  All products made with essential oils and flowers for calm and health pet.   All products come with nice “bling” gift wrapped.  From $18 – $84.90

Cotton Dog BathrobeFor Mom and Pup spa 100% cotton bathrobes and towel. If only Fido want a bathrobe it’s OK, we can do that. Available in 4 size from 3lbs and up to 20lbs.  $44.90 – $109



Mom & Dog matching tank in Black or in White. Toast the New Year with a glass of Martini or Champagne. What a way to start the new year. $29.00 for pooch  – $65 for both.

Chevron Pet CarrierTraveling to grandma this year? Need a flight?  Our designer pet carriers are beautiful and comfortable (Take a look at the new chevron colors) on air and on land :) Good for small pets, usually up to 12 lbs. But you need to check each one you like to find the measurements and capacity.   From $49.95

Doggie PJ'sLil'-Teddy Dog SnuggleChristmas is snow (if we are lucky) and cold…Brrr. So it’s a good time for a new  PJ’s and / or Jumpers for the little pooch with or without holiday images.

Santa Belt n Face dog treatsIf you are invited to spend time with friends that have a dog,  bring beautifully hand crafted gourmet dog treats,  made with  molasses base recipe & human grade ingredients. Wheat, Corn & Soy Free! Every dog in the pack will be grateful!!



If you like any of the above, hurry up, the holidays almost here…

Happy Holidays :)







Dog Bath Tips – Stink No More

Jordan Walker – guest blogger –  is a pet parent who will do anything so that he could provide for the needs of his canine companions. In this article, he will give you some tips on how to make your dog love taking a bath.

dog and friends bath togetherWhat makes you proud of your pet dog? Is it its loyalty? How does it manage to be in a great behavior when there are guests in your home? Or how is it able to keep your kids happy? There are so many things that could make you proud of your pet. But would you still feel proud of parading this around the neighborhood after gaining a reputation for being stinky? Imagine this, you are passing by a very attractive lady with your pet dog. But instead of making a great impression, she looks at your pet and then covers her nose with a hankie. You see, your dog could make you look good or bad depending on its cleanliness too. Bathing it should be a part of its dog grooming regimen.

How Often Should Your Bathe Your Dog?

Now, just because you take a bath daily does not mean that your dog should do the same. Although their bodies are covered with more hair, daily shampooing is not recommended. You also need to see if your pet shows obvious signs of being a dirty dog. Do the two of you go out daily for some rigorous exercise? Or is it a laid-back dog that is content of just being inside the house and only needs a bit of light exercise? If your dog has the tendency to get dirtied easily, you will need to give this a bath once a week. If not, once a month should suffice. But use your own common sense. If your dog smells stinky already, don’t wait a month more before getting its coat shampooed. Use your nose and eyes too.

Tips for Dogs to Love Bathing

It will make them smell good, look good, take their itch away, and even earn them a praise from your family and friends. But a lot of dogs just hate being shampooed and wet with water. Don’t be stuck with this problem. Here are some tips for pet dog parents to make canine pals love taking a bath:

Dog bath and towels shummy-pet-towel

  1. Give it a nice first experience. Do you know why some people develop phobias? It’s because of a particular bad experience. Canine pets that hate taking dog baths are probably the ones that did not enjoy doing this as a young pup. Dumping water on a puppy’s head without any warning is an easy way for you to create a bad bathing experience for your pet dog. Let it explore the tub and get used to playing with water. Don’t rush it. Allow it walk on shallow water until it gets comfortable enough with it to take a bath.
  2. Make it fun. If your dog loves to play, you can use this to lure your dog into the bathtub. Pick out some of its favorite toys and put these in the bathtub, signaling your dog that it’s time to play with you in it. If it’s the kind of dog that loves to play with you together with its toys, then indulge it with a game of tug of war.
  3. Take it out for exercise. Dogs cool down their bodies through panting because their bodies are not endowed with a lot of sweat glands. With exercise, their body temperature rises too. Dogs that feel extra warm will most likely be willing to take a bath. So during the scheduled dog bath days, take it out on a leash, and jog around the neighborhood to get its blood flowing.
  4. Watch your own attitude. Do you know that dogs are very sensitive and would respond according to what you’re feeling? If you feel anxious when giving it a bath, it will respond to you in the same manner. So when giving your pet dog a bath, make sure that your body language says that you are calm and in control. If not, you won’t make any progress in making it fall in love with its bath time.
  5. Do it with other dogs. If they don’t like taking a bath, seeking other dogs doing it calmly could convince your pet dog to finally use that expensive organic shampoo and relaxing conditioner you bought several weeks ago. Invite friends over for a public dog bath day in your backyard. Do this on a sunny day when your pet’s coat could easily get dry without the aid of hair blower (another experience that you might need to get your pet dog accustomed to).
  6. Bait it with food. Think of dog bathing as your pet trying to learn a new trick. And the best way to get this done? What else but with yummy treats! Bring some dog food with you in the bathroom. This will help reinforce positive association with bathing for your pet dog.
  7. Leave it to the expert. The tips mentioned above is not a hundred percent guarantee that you will be able to successfully make your dog take a bath without it giving a fight. If a professional dog trainer could make a pet dog sit, stand on its hind legs, or even mimic being dead, he is more than capable of helping you solve the water and shampoo phobia of your canine pet.

Additional Tips

Exercise precaution when washing your dog’s head. You don’t want its eyes hurt with shampoo, nor do you want to your pet dog to get water inside its ears. You can avoid this by being extra careful. Take your time when shampooing its face, tilting its head back when washing off the shampoo. Water should flow behind its neck and not on its eyes. You should also watch the water’s temperature when bathing your dog. This should neither be too warm nor too cold. When bathing dog during the colder months, make sure that you dry this right away and provide insulation since a wet coat could easily give them the chills. If you plan this do this frequently, you still can, but instead of using harsh soap, make use of mild shampoo to prevent skin dryness. Look for the latest dog bath products

Final Thoughts

Dogs are not like humans. They are not worried about what other dogs would think when they become smelly or dirty. Only you as its owner can do get to make it love taking a bath. Make it as pleasurable as you can for your pet dog by using the tips above.

Author: Jordan Walker 4-legged blog guest blogger. He loves writing and sharing his personal experiences as a pet lover at Coops And Cages and in blogs such as this one.


How to Corporate Pet Bed with Home Decor

Pet Bed with Accesnt PillowWe keep changing.  Over the years, our test change, and the way we accept and treat things changes. For example, our pets and interior design. Who thought just a several years ago to corporate the pet bed with the home decor. Today,  combining the two into a harmony of colors and shapes, complimenting each other, is just the norm.

There were times when the dog was “just” a dog, and a cat was “just” a cat. Dogs were sleeping on the floor or carpet, cats, most likely, in parent bed. They were loved no less, but we treated them somewhat differently. Today, pets are part of the family and we treat them as our babies, pampering and caring. One of the major changes is the dog bed.

With growing awareness of our home design, the pet bed becomes an important buy, from pet health and caring point as well as a design point.

Although it sounds easy, it is really complicated to decide which bed is the best for our pet. There are so many types, shapes, colors, size, etc. That sometimes it is overwhelming and you just don’t know. Add to that your existing furniture, color, and now you may be really confused.  So you choose the nicest bed, but, does your pet happy with your choice?RoundLuxury Dog Bed

How to choose the right pet bed size: Start by measuring your pet’s body length: when your pet is lying down measure body length, then add 8 inches. The total is the width your pet will need for an oval bed, and the depth your pet will need for a rectangular bed. If the bed has a bolster or other raised exterior, you”ll need to consider the internal dimensions, not the external ones. If you stuck between two sizes, go for the larger one.

What shape of bed, my dog need: This one is quite easy. You probably know already what his preferred sleeping position. For example, if he likes to curl he’ll appreciate a round or oval bed. If he loves to lay  his head on a pillow you may consider a bolster  or a dounut bed. The secret is: watch  him / her and you’ll have your answer.Round Dog Beds








Type of foam:  Older / senior/ joint and health  issues dog will appreciate an orthopedic / memory foam bed. It also needs to have an easy access.  Most trusted manufacturers,  do use high quality materials like human grade or infant standards.  Dog Bed Collection memory_pet_bed_honeycomb_tangerine_2





So what’s with the pet bed and home Decor?? As you see in  the images above, today designers have an accent pillows added to their display.  Using the prints, color combinations, trim and more options, for that touch that makes it all look so natural and elegant, instead of mess of colors when pet bed is on the floor, is unrelated to the rest of the room decor with color and print.  Some of our designs also have drapes option.  If you consider adding drapes, please contact me @

Curtains and Pet Bed Design