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Great Tips for Dog Parents

Tips for dog parentsOver the years, I have collected a lot of fun and easy ideas related to maintaining a dog’s health and happiness. Because spring is finally here, I’ve decided to put a few of them in this list of tips for dog parents. Anybody can use these tips without much hassle or a huge time investment. While they all sound great, I have not tried all of them as of yet.

For the Outdoors

1. You know that you need to prevent water from going into your dog’s ears when giving him a bath. Depending on his ear shape, however, this is not always an easy task. So, simply use a shower cap on your dog’s head.

2. The hot weather is almost here, and your Fido loves treats. Why not create a fun one that will keep him busy for a long time? Freeze chicken soup along with bones. Add treats he likes and small dog toys. He’ll have a blast licking the frozen soup, chewing the bones and playing with the toys.

3. Your doggie loves to spend time in the fenced backyard. You need to keep eye on him, though, as this naughty guy always finds ways to squeeze out between the bars. (For some reason he can only do it on his way out haha) To prevent this, attach a stick elongated dog collar a bit larger than the fence spacing. If you want it to be more elegant, check out the Bumpers Collection section of our designer dog collars.

stick_bumper_dog Pink-Blue-Dot-Pet-Bumpers-L-01

4.  All year round in some areas, and especially during summer, ticks are a big problem. Once you find a tick, you have to remove it the right way. Try this tip: use a moistened cotton ball and add a drop of soap. Now, hold it on the tick for a few seconds. The tick should come off easily by sticking to the cotton ball.

For the Indoors

5. We all get sick sometimes, and we all get older. If your pooch has issues with his teeth and can’t chew hard food, or if he is sick and dehydrated, add chicken broth to soften the food or to water to make it tasty.

6. If your dog (like my Tong) eats food like a vacuum and looks like he is choking on it, it’s bad. It can harm his digestive system and cause bloating. Try putting a ball in his bowl that restricts his access and slows his eating. If he is smart enough to remove the ball from his bowl, you can find special dog bowls for fast eaters that have built-in simple obstructions.

Dog Bowl For Fast Eaters
Click the image for more info

7. To remove hair and fur from your furniture and carpet, use wet rubber material like kitchen gloves and go over the area. In no time you’ll have a big stack of hair and a clean sofa. I’ve used this one for years.

8. How long will a new toy last? In my house, around two to five minutes. Any cute plush toy turns into a rag doll in no time and all the filling ends up on the floor. If this happens in your house, you can keep the filling! You can also keep old socks – simply fill the socks with the filling and tie it off. I play tug with my 55 lbs dog, Libby. The sock won’t tear, and if it does, well, we have enough socks at home.

For Animal Lovers

9. If you are an animal lover, you are probably against the suffering caused by archaic tests for cosmetics, personal-care products and household products. If you do not want to buy products that test on animals, but you are not sure what those products are, there is a free app for that. It’s called Bunny Free, and it’s only for iPhone. You can download it here.

Do you have any other good tips for dog parents? Please add it for everybody to read.

Car Travel With Dogs: Keeping it Safe

car travel with dogsSpring is in the air, and after a long snowy winter we are all ready to enjoy the outdoors. Our dogs are more than ready as well!

In order to make your car travel with dogs as safe as possible, we created a small list of what needs to be done before hitting the road.

Getting Ready

First, always have tags with info on your pooch. You can never know when he or she will decide to take a walk on their own.

Also, I know you love your car and you love it to be clean. So use a dog car seat cover on your bench or pilot seat where your doggie will spend time during the ride.

If you have a small breed dog, you may want to use a dog car seat, just like you would with a baby. There are many sizes and heights on the market. Choose the one that fits his size and allows him to view the scenery. This way, he’ll be much more relaxed and will more easily enjoy the ride.

Keeping Your Dog Safe in the Car

For larger breeds, you should restrain the dog – both for its safety and your own. Getting a car harness can help keep your pet in place. The zip-line gives the dog some freedom to move from one window to the other. When restrained, he’ll stay on the seat if you make a sudden stop and will not “fly” up to the front and hurt himself and/or you.

Depending on your dog’s nature, you may consider some dog car safety accessories. These can restrict the dog’s motion using a mesh barrier or guard the door with a door guard. For small breeds or older dogs with health issues or jumping difficulties, a folding pet ramp (available in different sizes) will solve the problem, and you will eliminate the risk to your back caused by carrying a large pooch.

Other Trip Advice

If it’s a long trip, stopping from time to time is a necessity. The dog needs to do his thing and drink or eat. Always keep poop pick-up bags in your car. Have a travel bowl for water and food. These bowls are collapsible, easy to store, and do not take much space. Also, consider keeping a treat bag for the road (or for regular daily walks and training purposes).

Check out some of our pet travel accessories that will make your life easier while on the road. You can even arrange all your items in a travel organizer created with pets in mind. Put in the dog’s favorite toy,  bowls, leash, medicine, the treat bag, pick-up bags, etc. Some organizers come pre-equipped with bowls or bottle.

Keep it safe and you’ll have an enjoyable trip with a healthy, happy dog.

Want to Help Dogs and Cats? Volunteer With Pet Rescue Groups

pet rescue groupsWhether you are a pet owner or pet lover, I am sure it touches your heart when you see a neglected dog, a stray cat, or read about all the pets in the shelters.

While many of us wish we could just adopt all of them (I know I do!), it’s unfortunately an impossibility. However, there are many other ways to help. Here are some ideas:

  1. First and foremost, teach and encourage people around you that they should always adopt from a shelter where they can also find pure breeds and puppies. There are some pet rescue groups that rescue specific breeds. A simple internet search can help people find these types of shelters if they are looking for a specific breed. Some even ship the pet to you from another state.

  2. Most No Kill rescue groups don’t have a brick and mortar facility. Instead, they have volunteers who foster dogs and cats until they find a forever home, and they desperately need more foster homes. You get paid for the food and vet visits, so there’s cost for you. You only give love and attention.

  3. Volunteers are also needed for brick and mortar shelters to walk the dogs, feed them, clean kennels, play with the cats, train dogs and socialize them.

  4. Volunteers with computer skills are also needed. Tasks might include updating a website, accounting, photographing the new pets, etc.

  5. If you can’t commit, donate. Watch out for local food drives or do it whenever you have time. Also consider donating dog toys, pet beds, bed sheets, or money.

  6. Take part in adoption days. These are usually done once a week at a Petco store, vet clinic, etc.

  7. Just walk in or call a shelter near you and ask how you can help. No volunteer will ever be turned down.

You may volunteer with pet rescue groups on a regular basis or just when you have time. Remember the dogs and cats who need you.

Find out more information about Animal Shelters & Rescues.