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Dog Wigs: A Growing Trend?

dog wigsI have a feeling that you’ve never seen something like this. However, that certainly doesn’t mean it’s not happening. I was surfing the web to check the news when I saw this article that was also broadcast on one of the morning programs on TV. At the beginning it made me laugh, but then I started thinking about these poor pets.

Do We Need Dog Wigs?

I definitely understand and absolutely support putting your pooch in designer pet clothes, spoiling them with pet boutique accessories, and pampering them with designer pet products. But do we also need to put dog wigs on our already furry friends?

Does the dog look happy in the picture above? Is there a limit for what people should do with their pets? I’m just not sure if this is funny and cute or bordering on humiliating.

I wonder what you pet lovers think about this – let me know in the comments section. For the whole gallery of dog wigs, visit the NY Daily News.