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Find how to: choose the right dog bowl or what is the carrier size your pet need. What about training your cat to use her carrier and much more.

Does My Dog Need Winter Clothes?

winter dog clothesNot so long ago dogs used to wear only their own fur. Today, people learn at the design school for dog clothing.  Designers and couture pet apparel are easy to find.
We divided the clothes into two categories.
One is “Because it’s cute and i like it”
Second “Because it’s cold outside ..”It’s ok to love this cute dress, and your pooch can stand out of the crowd with her beautiful skirt. Not everybody like it, but who cares, as long as the dog doesn’t care.
What you need to know about the second option?
It’s not because it’s cute, but because dogs suffer from cold weather, like us, humans.
You should pay double attention to:
Small breed and puppies are more sensitive to cold.
Older / senior dogs, dogs with joint issues, sick, recovering or injured.
Dogs with short fur
Dogs with no fur
What to wear?
It depots where you live and how cold it is there.
For the very cold areas you can find really cute and warm parka coats with hoodies. Sometimes the hoodie is removable, so you decide when and if to use it.
Thermal coats that contains a thermal heat retention technology specially inserted between the fabric.
Fleece coats or sweatshirts, with double fleece layers, reversible fleece, with or without hood. The selection is huge for styles and colors.
Sweaters are warm and usually make movements easier for the pups. Pay attention that they cover the chest, belly, and the neck (especially in a very cold area). You’ll find sweaters made with wool, Alpaca wool, cotton and so on, with or without a hood.


The paws should be on your list of “need protecting”.
First – the road is freezing.
Second – antifreeze can harm the paws (and should never be ingested).
Third -  It helps to keep your floor and the pooch’s paws clean from the mud outside.
Good dog shoes or boots are the one that has inner isolation, nun skid sole, that have room to fit the paws.
Since it is somewhat tricky to find the correct size, you can go with the one size fits all.
Disposable booties are relative cheap and easy to put on. You get set of 12 (3 sets of 4 boots) that can serve you for most of the winter.

Winter Dog Boots

The importance of accurate measurement.
Before you choose the clothes (or boots), make sure to measure your Fido so you’ll now what the measurements are for his chest, neck, length (from tail to base of neck) and his weight. Always look for the sizing chart of each clothing, Sometimes you’ll need the small size and other time the medium size. Each company has their own chart.  If you find your dog is between sizes, always go with the larger size. It is important that the dog feels comfortable in his coat or sweater and that he can move freely while wearing it. Limited movement prevents the dog from warming.
Big plus is if the outfit is easy to put on and off.

Go shopping for winter dog clothes and boots in our online pet boutique.


Fighting Flea and Tick Without Chemicals

flea and tickFleas and ticks are on my top list of “Why they’ve been created”  They blood sucking and disease transmitting, so why? Well, I don’t know.

Treating tick on your dog (or on your body) is not as treating fleas.


There are few tick types but the biggest concern is the deer tick that is responsible for transmitting Lyme disease to people. There are few tick types but the biggest concern is the deer tick that is responsible for transmitting Lyme disease to people.

Removing tick

In order to remove a tick you’ll need fine-tipped tweezers so you can remove it without squeezing and letting the bacteria he carries to leave the tick and enter your pet’s bloodstream. Grab it in his head and pull outward with steady hand (do not twist).  Kill it with alcohol!! Wash your hands thoroughly to prevent any possible infection.

Preventing ticks

To keep ticks away from your dog starts with keeping him (your pooch) groomed. Long hair or fur makes it hard to observe them. Brush him everyday while checking especially near the eyes, nose or (inside and outside the ears). But remember that they can be found just about anywhere on your dog’s body.


The fleas prefer temperatures of 65-80 degrees and humidity levels of 75-85 percent, But in some areas fleas have a perfect temp. all year round. The female lives few weeks, while on a pet with warm blood, she’ll suck blood few times and lay several hundred eggs on the pet. The eggs, some will fall in the surrounding inside the house (everywhere) and outside the house. When the time arrives they’ll be grown fleas ready to suck blood too.

The flea’s bites cause itching. For sensitive and allergic animal, it can be quite severe and leads to hair-loss, inflammation and skin infections. Dogs who are hypersensitive to the flea’s saliva may have itch all over even from a single flea bite.


Flea infestation occurs through contact with other animals or contact with fleas in the outside.

The outside – Since they love dense and tall grass keep it grass short and create a barrier between the lawn and the surrounding vegetation.

The inside – Because the life cycle of the flea and the amount of eggs she leaves behind her, cleaning the house is not enough, only preventing is the answer.

Pets – Keep them groomed and bath. Check daily for fleas. Use flea and tick products as a prevention.

Remember – In order to get good results, if you have more than one pet then you’ll need to treat all your pets at the same Time.

ajynkgzrNatural flea and tick care

The flea and tick products on the market approved to be harmful to big number of dogs and cats because the chemicals. The natural remedies have proven to be safe and gentle on the body without the harsh side effects of the strong and toxic chemicals. Usually they contain Garlic, Peppermint Oil and Clove extract, Citrus with other beneficial oils for the coat and skin.

The line of the natural products include today shampoos,  spray for the kennel and the outside, and  itch relief spray from bites. They are great for any pet and especially for sensitive and allergic pets.

New Puppy Coming Home – Be Prepared

bringing puppy homeIt is exciting having a new baby pup. It’s so much more exciting if he was adopted from a shelter, knowing you gave a good home to this sweet dog.

The list for puppy supply is quite long, but there are few items you can prepare in advance,  some of the need and the good to have puppy products

Food – Make sure you have proper food for your dog on its first day. It’s good idea to find what food he is used to, and if you like to replace it, do it gradually. That way good chance he’ll accept it easily without side effects like diarrhea.

   Personalized Dog Bowls Dog Bowls – Two bowls for food and for water. Remember that there are special bowl for long eared dog incase your doggie is one of them. They designed in a way that the ears stay clean and out of the bowl.  Personalization is one of the options people like. Raised bowls, country style or contemporary.Country Style Single Pet Diners

Houndstooth 	Luxury Dog Crate Cover     Crate –  You have two options: the steel or the soft collapsible crate which can be used also as carrier.

 For sleeping and for training.  Steel or soft folding crate. The steel crates are cold and you can add a crate cover and a pad to make him comfortable. The soft crates can also be use for over night traveling or for car travel. Always buy the size that fits your dog, big enough for lying and standing, and for food or water bowl to be placed in.

Collapsible Soft Pet Crate Carrier  Mini Naturals   Treats – Are the best tool for training.  At the beginning give few in order for him to go or stay in his crate. But, make sure not to give to many treats, as they are high in calories. Choose small size for tiny puppies.

Collar Leash and Tag – Always! have a collar on your dog with a TAG NAME and your phone number. I never heard of a dog that did not decided more then once to go for a trip in the neighborhood by himself.  Even if he has a chip keep the name tag on. Only small percent of dogs find their way to a vet or rescue center where they have the chip reader.

                       Choke Free Dog HarnessesHarness – With tiny, small dogs and dogs with wide neck, walking with harness is the best way.  You can find today Choke Free and safe harnesses. The good with that type of harnesses is that they protects the trachea by only pulling on the body and not on the neck.

                              r90nzomlCarrier – For vet visits. Again, make sure you choose the correct size. If you plane to air travel with him, look for one that most air line approve. You’ll find on each airline’s website measurements and other specifications for on board pets. The selection of pet carriers is very big and diverse, for any pet parent to find the best choice for him.

Dental Kit and Teething, Grooming and  Shampoo -  You can find toys and freeze bones for teething. Start with puppy teeth brushing as early as possible. Get him used by “brushing” with your fingers and after a while move to a toothbrush with especially formulated for dogs toothpaste.  You’ll be saving lot of money and  he’ll be healthier by keeping his moth clean. The puppy shampoos are more gentle on the skin. You can check the puppy supply we have to offer.

Diapers – Many “Green” diapers and pads are on the market. A new product is the designer washable diaper Overall-Harness. Comes in sizes from 3x-small up to medium, for him and for her.

Washable Overall Dog Diapers - 9 Designs Washable Overall Dog Diapers - 9 Designs

Remember , It’s all new for you and for him and he needs to adjust to his new home and family. Some pets suffer from separation anxiety and destructive chewing. Be patient, calm him by giving comforting toy or blanket to sleep through the night. It will also help him feel warm and safe, especially in winter time.
In no time you’ll have a wonderful, happy, loving furry best friend.

If I forgot anything, you are welcome to add a comment.