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New Pet First Aid App Available

pet first aid appEvery dog or cat owner is likely to encounter at least one emergency or incident where they fear that something is wrong with their pet. Of course, if it’s possible, you’ll head to the vet. However, many pet owners will search the initially internet for solutions. This isn’t always ideal, though, as first aid information on the internet isn’t always reputable.

Luckily, for those who turn to technology during a pet’s emergency, the Red Cross has developed a new pet first aid app. Here are some of its features:

  • You can customize the app for each of your pets (cats and dogs).

  • You’ll be guided step-by-step through emergency situations.

  • You’ll get advice regarding a range of topics such as behavioral issues, administering medication, natural disaster procedures, and saying goodbye.

  • You can watch first aid instructional videos.

This pet first aid app sounds great; however, I haven’t used it yet, so I can’t personally endorse it. You can decide for yourself by checking it out on the Red Cross site and downloading it to your phone from the app store or Google play for $0.99.

More information can be found at the Red Cross.

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Christmas Presents for Dogs

Happy Christmas To all petsTis that time of the year again – running from store to store looking for the perfect Christmas gifts for everyone. While we don’t know your “everyone” here at, we certainly have a good sense of what your dog or cat will love and enjoy this Christmas. Here is our cat and dog Christmas present list for the special pets in your life.

1. Treats

Our pets love to snack just as much as we do. This year we have very tasty, healthy, and simply beautiful treats. They are made with a molasses base recipe and human grade ingredients.  They are also wheat, corn and soy free! All treats are available in cases of 12.  The dog treats are in many cute shapes this year. They start at around $26 for a case of 12.

Christmas-Stocking--Dog-Treat-LPenguin-Dog-Treats-LHoliday Healthy Dog Treats

2. Bow Ties

Available in nine styles, our Christmas Chipper Bow Ties and harnesses just too cute to resist. The pictures don’t even do them justice!

Bow ties are approximately 3-1/2″ by 2″ in size. They have a slide adjustment allowing them to fit a neck size of 9″-16″. Only $10 each.

Click on the image for more information

3. Designer Dog Collars

All our holiday collars are made of durable Ribbon on 1″ Nylon Webbing Collars. The standard holiday collars have high-quality adjustable quick-release buckles to fit a variety of neck sizes. The designer collars start at $12.90.

Xmas Dog Collars Ugly-Sweater-Ribbon-Collars Santa-Owls-Nylon-Ribbon-Collars-N-Leads

Leashes (available separately) come in 4′ and 6′ lengths and are available in 1″ widths.

4. Hair Bows

Cute dog hair bows always add charm to both boy and girl dogs. Velvet, cheer, satin and plaid Grosgrain ribbon bows are available. You’ll be sure to find the one you love within our huge selection of over 200 bows. The bows start at $7.99

Holiday Dog Hair Bows Dog-Bow-XMas_Morning_Snow Dog-Bow-Velvet-and-Diamonds-Christmas-AngeL

5. Dog Sweaters

Every day it’s getting colder and colder, which means that our dogs could use sweaters, coats or hats. Our sweaters are wool or 100% acrylic. We have over 150 top quality dog sweaters to fit any size pooch, either for the holidays or for regular walks. Starting at $14.99.

Winter and Holiday Dog Sweaters snoflake-hat-scarf

6. Pet Crate Covers

For the furry baby who really likes to be a part of the season and spice up the Christmas decor, the Christmas crate covers are a great choice. These dog crate covers are available with or without a mat in four festive holiday prints and six sizes. Covers have openings on both sides to accommodate any style crate. You can roll the flaps up or leave them down for privacy. Machine washable and dry-able. Pillows start at only $35.

Holiday-Crate-Cover-01 Holiday-Pet-Crate-Cover-and-Pillow Holiday-Round-Dog-Bed-Pillow-Cover

7. Holiday Dog Toys

A list of Christmas presents for dogs wouldn’t be complete without toys. This year, the holiday dog toys are all limited editions for the season. When they’re gone, they’re gone. Some items include: Santas with multiple squeakers and limber limbs, Crinkle Cane Deer, and the interactive I-Qube – Christmas edition. These dog toys provide hours of fun during and after the holidays.

Click the images for more info

Christmas-Dog-Toy-I-Qube Christmas-Dog-Squeaky-Squiggler-Santa

8. Designer Pet Clothes

For the fashion oriented pooches, we offer the Holiday Patchwork Dog Dress, Rudolph Dog Hoodie, and Red Velvet Dog Vest with Bow Tie. To see more, check out our entire Christmas Dog section.

Xmas Dog Dresses and Jackets Rudolph-Dog-Hoodie Red-Holiday-Dog-Vest-Tux

9. Christmas Gifts for Cats

Hey, kitties deserve something too, and we have exactly what all cats love: scratchers and trees. We also have a special gift box for the holidays that includes a scratcher, organic catnip, treats and more. These start at $12.99.

cat-gift-set Lobster-Hanging-Cat-Scratcher cat-tree

Christmas presents for dogs and cats are fun, but above all, remember that the best gifts are free. Give your pet plenty of love, long walks and good belly rubs this season. Happy Holidays from, The Pet Boutique.

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The New Generation Of Pet Strollers

Dog Strollers The New GenerationSome people who do not have pets have difficulty understanding why anybody would use a stroller for them. They might think it’s funny or even ridiculous. However, if you have pet, you know that sometimes it’s heavy, inconvenient or even impossible to carry them on your shoulder. The problem gets worse when there’s more than one pet involved.

Benefits of Pet Strollers

The main benefit of pet strollers involves not having to carry a small pet in a heavy bag. A stroller has enough room for the pet to sit, lie or stand while enjoying the view. You also have the ability to carry more than one dog or cat. Also, you can often bring them in a store even if pets are not allowed.

As I see it, a huge benefit of pet strollers involves being able to take older or sick pets outdoors. Even if a dog is large, you can find strollers for pets up to 150 lbs. This way, pets that have health issues aren’t forced to stay indoors.

New, Innovative Designs

As with other designer pet products, strollers developed in functionality over time. Manufacturers are now offering innovative products that are more attractive and functional than ever.

One issue that pet parents had to deal with in the past is the stroller canopy. Manufacturers describe the new Smart Canopy by saying, “no more floppy mesh in the pet compartment area when the canopy is open. These strollers have a hidden front steel bar in the upright position which gives your pet a safe enclosure even when the stroller canopy is open.” In other words, the Smart Canopy mesh opens up and out of the way giving the pet more space when opened, unlike other strollers that open down into the compartment area.

Another new feature is called Smart Reach, which allows a person to use a comfortable pace when walking due to the ergonomic handle that provides more kick space when pushing the stroller. Also, the innovative parent basket is enclosed with a rear zipper to safely secure belongings while still providing easy access.

Another new stroller is the no-zip, which means that you do not need to struggle anymore to put the pet in or take the pet out. Also, the panoramic view window will keep your pet inside safe and happy.

Before Getting a Pet Stroller

It is important to first measure your pet and weigh him so he can be comfortable and safe inside the stroller. You should also read the description of each stroller so you can make a good decision regarding which is the right one for you.

You can check out all our pet strollers at and enjoy our sale and free shipping on most of these designer pet carriers until the end of October. You’ll find the information on each product page.

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