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Review of the latest dogs and cats products on market.

The New Generation Of Pet Strollers

pet strollersSome people who do not have pets have difficulty understanding why should one use stroller for their pets.  They think it’s funny or even ridiculous. But, if you have pet or two, you know that sometimes it’s heavy, inconvenient or even impossible (if you have two dogs or cats) to carry them on your shoulder.

As mentioned above, the main benefit is not having to carry a heavy bag. The stroller has enough room for the pet to sit, lie or stand while enjoying the view. You have the ability to carry more than one dog or cat, you can bring them in the store even if pets are not allowed. As i see it, one of the biggest benefits for older, sick or other pet health issues, is that he does not have to stay indoors. Even if he is a big dog, you can find strollers for pets up to 150 lbs.

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As with other products, stroller design developed and today designers and manufacturers are offering innovative products that are more attractive and functional than ever.

One issue that pet parent had to deal with is the canopy open.  The new Smart  Canopy as the manufacturer said “No more floppy mesh in the pet compartment area when the canopy is open because this strollers have a hidden front steel bar in the upright position which gives your pet a safe enclosure even when the stroller canopy is open.” or in other words The Smart-Canopy™ mesh opens up and out of the way giving the pet more space when opened, unlike other strollers that open down into the compartment area.

Another thing is the Smart-Reach more comfortable pace when walking results from the ergonomic handle that provides more kick space when pushing the stroller.

The innovative parent basket is enclosed with a rear zipper to safely secure belongings while still providing easy access.

Another new stroller is the no-zip which means that you do not need to struggle anymore to put the pet in and out or in order to reach him. Also, the panoramic view window will keep your pet inside safe and happy.

It is important to know the pet’s measurements and weight, so he can be comfortable and safe inside. You should also read the description of each stroller so you can make a good decision which is the right one for you.

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Friendly Collars – Won’t Let The Dogs (and cats) Out

Most pet owner experienced at least once the fear of loosing their dog, if by escaping from the backyard, or through the space between a fence rails.

Bumper CollarSome dog breeds (like our Tong, a Shiba--inu, for example) just have that characteristic embedded in them, and they’ll take any opportunity to go on an adventure outside all alone.

Preventing escapes can be tricky and expansive. New fence or filling the digging areas won’t solve it, as they’ll dig again. We added extra fence on top of the existing gate from the ground up to the middle. Ha, it did not help.

Max, our Maltese, not to be outdone, found a way under the gate door to go and roam the neighborhood too.

Since they love the outdoors, they spend a lot of the time in the backyard, more than we can baby-sit them.

The last time Tong escaped, we got a phone call from the police saying they have our dog.  He said that this time he is giving us only a warning, and next time it’s a fine.

Now, we need to find a creative solution to block all options for these two cute but wild 4 legged from running away, once and for all. (We are against the invisible fence, it needs to be a pet friendly solution.)

And so we did. We found out that the Puppy Bumper Collar actually works!! That is why I decided to have it on 4-legged boutique available for all.

This simple solution for indoor and outdoor use, in your backyard, balcony, or wherever you have a gate for safety. Lightweight, easy to wear, cotton cover with polyester fiber fill stuffing collar. Available in 3 sizes and color / print options. It is machine washable and looks great. Worried about rainy days? There is one made with canvas cover for those rainy days. Prices are from $29.99 for regular small and medium large  +$2. The rainy bumpers from $29.99 for small and medium, large +$2.

Simple solution for big problem.



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Safe Car Traveling With Pets

While traveling, whether it is a short drive around the block, the vet or a cross-country road trip, it is recommended to keep your pets occupied and comfortable. (unless your dog is the driver:)) Now, that the weather is warmer, and summer almost here, most are traveling more. Hence, it’s time to prepare all we need to make our travels safe and enjoyable. 

Pets Car SearCar Seat – best way to travel with your pet is by using a car seat. designed for your dog, and fits the dog’s size.  A car seat is comfortable for the pet, it includes a seat belt to attach it to the car and belt for your pet’s safety. While driving he can not distracts you and in case of emergency stop or an accident, he’ll stay in the chair safe. Materials, colors and size differ. Price range for car seats - between $57.00 up to $209.00. for a car seat that can occupied two small dogs.

Pet Soft CrateCarrier / Soft Crate is second option–  should be closed tightly, but yet easy to open and close. It should be roomy enough for the pet stand or lie down. The reason for using crate in the car is to minimize any potential distraction, or pet opening and leaving the carrier. You can also put his favorite toy or blanket, to make him feel good. Starts at $54.99 For our crate collection

Car Sear Carrier Air line In One

Both in one (or more) – If you travel often, an economical and space saving decision would be a carrier or stroller that is a car seats too.  Two in one (or more like air line approved and backpack) starts $73.80

See our all in one pet car seat carriers

Safety Car HarnessSafety Harness – allows pet to sit or lay down on the car seat while safely secured to vehicle seat belt. Padded chest for maximum comfort. Some harnesses are good for use in car and for walking too.  Available in Red, Black, Brown, Beige Price starts at $22.99 depending on the dog size and manufacturer.

SUV Pet CoverCar Seat Covers – protects your car seats from shed fur and dirt your pet might have picked up along the way.   They are easy to install and clean. There are covers for SUV, covers for rear bench, for front seat, hammock. Choice of colors, prints and materials. From  $54.99 and up

Car safety Pet BarrierCar Safety Barriers – if your pet tries to jump over through your bucket seat from the back seat, you may find the car barrier helpful. Barriers made of steel or mesh  so the pet can see you and you can see him. Door guard shield for keeping car door from scratches, from $39.00

Pet RampsRamp – very useful for elderly pets, disabled pets, large pets that cannot be lifted, or too tiny to jump into the car. In addition, it saves the pet owner the backbreaking work of lifting their pets. They are light, foldable and portable for use at home or outside. size when fully open - 42″, 66″ and 71″. From $84.00 on sale. Go to ramps and steps page

Food Tray For Dog Car SeatFood/Drink and Bowls – when you are on a long trip, always bring a good amount of food treats and drink for the trip. You may bring some extra so you will never fall short. Also, for added convenience you may include the Lookout Travel Rack that allows your pet to have food and water while on the go.


Collar/Tags – keep them on your pet throughout the whole trip. There is always a chance of your pet running off during the trip.

Never leave your pet in the vehicle unattended. Pets can die from heat exhaustion in a short time in hot weather, even if you park in a shade. If you have an emergency and need to leave the car, take your pet with you.

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