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All animals deserve to live and be treated humanely. Here we present stories of cats, dogs and other animals that need your help.

Want to Help Dogs and Cats? Volunteer With Pet Rescue Groups

pet rescue groupsWhether you are a pet owner or pet lover, I am sure it touches your heart when you see a neglected dog, a stray cat, or read about all the pets in the shelters.

While many of us wish we could just adopt all of them (I know I do!), it’s unfortunately an impossibility. However, there are many other ways to help. Here are some ideas:

  1. First and foremost, teach and encourage people around you that they should always adopt from a shelter where they can also find pure breeds and puppies. There are some pet rescue groups that rescue specific breeds. A simple internet search can help people find these types of shelters if they are looking for a specific breed. Some even ship the pet to you from another state.

  2. Most No Kill rescue groups don’t have a brick and mortar facility. Instead, they have volunteers who foster dogs and cats until they find a forever home, and they desperately need more foster homes. You get paid for the food and vet visits, so there’s cost for you. You only give love and attention.

  3. Volunteers are also needed for brick and mortar shelters to walk the dogs, feed them, clean kennels, play with the cats, train dogs and socialize them.

  4. Volunteers with computer skills are also needed. Tasks might include updating a website, accounting, photographing the new pets, etc.

  5. If you can’t commit, donate. Watch out for local food drives or do it whenever you have time. Also consider donating dog toys, pet beds, bed sheets, or money.

  6. Take part in adoption days. These are usually done once a week at a Petco store, vet clinic, etc.

  7. Just walk in or call a shelter near you and ask how you can help. No volunteer will ever be turned down.

You may volunteer with pet rescue groups on a regular basis or just when you have time. Remember the dogs and cats who need you.

Find out more information about Animal Shelters & Rescues.

The Less Adoptable Pets Need You

less adoptable petsSeptember 17-23 is dedicated to all “less adoptable” pets on A survey conducted by PetFinder shows that certain pets stay in a shelter nearly four times longer than all other pets before they find a forever home. Sometimes for more than two years! So what makes these animals “less adoptable pets?”

Fur Color

Because of color superstitions or other beliefs, many people simply don’t like the color black. If you visit the shelter on any given day, you may see that the number of black dogs and cats is disproportionately high. In my experience, however, black cats are cute, funny and loving. They purr and play just like any other white or orange cat. And black dogs are just as loving, loyal, sweet and clever as any brown dog. Believe me, I know and I miss my black Figaro so much.


Older and senior animals often fall into the “less adoptable pets” category. They usually have a very hard time finding a home, but there’s really no good reason for this.

I fostered a senior cat that was 12 years young. After a short time, we decided to keep him. He is the most adorable and loving cat. He plays like he is less than a year old, he is very relaxed, and he is just a sweet furball. In addition to the love my cats bring me, I feel so good for having given a senior pet the chance to have a loving home.

I adopted both my dogs from the shelter. Libby was two years old and Tong was six. Libby was on a death list, and they didn’t even check Tong’s health. Tong was very depressed, just lying in the corner of the cage. In addition, there was a list of bad qualities his owner listed as a reason for leaving him in the shelter, none of which turned out to be true.

Survey Results

According to the PetFinder survey, shelters have the hardest time finding homes for certain animals because of:

  • Behavioral Needs – pets that have had a difficult history – 16%
  • Breed Prejudice – such as pit bull terriers – 14%
  • Fearful/Shy Nature – caused by an abusive home or puppy mill – 13%
  • Medical Needs – blind, deaf, FIV positive – 12%
  • Poor Socialization – needing to be the only pet at home – 12%

To learn more about pit bulls, older pets and pets with health issues, or to simply find less adoptable pets to adopt please go the the PetFinder site.

Adopt-A-Less-Adoptable-Pet Week 2012

National Dog Day – Make A Difference This Year

dog in a shelter
Dog in a shelter

August 26 is set aside for National Dog Day this year. While most pet owners do not need a reminder to give Fido attention and love, National Dog Day can provide an opportunity to treat your pooch to something above and beyond. Of course, it can also just mean indulging in the simple pleasures that you know your dog already enjoys.

National Dog Days Ideas

Here are some simple ideas for showing your pet a little extra love on August 26:

  • Give him a new treat or his favorite one. To really indulge, you could try a gourmet dog treat.
  • Take him to a dog park for longer play time with other dogs.
  • Why not try a new interactive dog toy? These toys are beneficial in many ways, and they are great for having a fun time together.
  • Give him an extra long tummy rub.
  • Invite another dog parent for a play date in your backyard.
  • Take him for a long walk in the park or on his favorite trail.

Helping Other Dogs

While you are showing your love to your pooch, remember that there are numerous dogs and cats in the shelter that also need love and a forever home. These animals are not as lucky as your pet, and all they want is to give love to someone who cares for them.

For National Dog Day, you can donate to your favorite shelter, volunteer, or adopt another pet. Alternatively, you can just spread the word. Tell people who are looking for a new pet that by adopting from a shelter and not from a breeder or store, they’ll have a forever loyal, loving and grateful friend that they saved from an ugly destiny.