Two legged Dog Named Bob w/ His Red Harness

2 leg dog running over obstacles

Letter from a customer about her adopted two legged dog named Bob, that not only will touch your heart, but it also show how important it is to adopt pets from shelters.  Even a dog with only two legs can be happy, run, have fun and most of all, has so much love to give back!!!!
“I ordered the new wrap and snap choke free dog harness – Flame Red for our dog.

He’s a 4.5 lb toy poodle with 2 legs.  He’s missing his front right paw and rear left leg below the knee due to horrific circumstances before his rescue.

I needed a harness that was step-in because I didn’t want anything going over his head (his ears are so big!) or buckles on his neck, and had a hard time finding a tiny step-in harness with mesh underneath to offer balance support.

We spent a couple days getting used to it, and today it served its purpose.

He may be an 11 year old dog with 2 legs, but Bob has made remarkable recovery and his professional rehab team approved him to take agility classes, with reasonable limitations for safety and physical concerns.

This harness is allowing me to provide the support and safety needed to let him continue learning obstacles in a very safe and controlled way as I can offer physical and balance through the harness.  Plus, he looks great in red! Thank you-Megan”

Two Leg Dog With Harness










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