Why Flea Treatment for Dogs is Vital

Many dog owners will encounter fleas at some point or another. It can be difficult to know which treatments and prevention methods are best. However, flea treatment for dogs is an essential part of ensuring your pet’s health for a number of reasons, as they can be harmful in ways that you might not have expected. Here are just a few of the ways fleas can do damage to our furry friends.

Fleas Transmit Disease

Fleas can transmit a number of diseases to pets, some of which can seriously affect their health. For example, animals may become anemic as a result of the fleas sucking their blood. It is also possible for them to become infested with tapeworms, since fleas are a host for these parasites. Fleas also increase the risk of people developing murine typhus, which is characterized by a rash on the trunk, headache, fever, aches and an upset stomach. Both humans and animals may develop plague if bitten by these pests, which can cause a variety of infections.

They’re Uncomfortable

Various flea treatments for dogs can also prevent them from being bitten, which can cause itchiness, excessive scratching and rashes. In extreme cases, a flea infestation can also make a pet lethargic, or result in them having difficulty sleeping. Fleas can also bite members of your family, in which case they can also experience these symptoms. Even when fleas are not biting, they give people and animals an eerie sensation whenever they are crawling on them, making it difficult to concentrate.

They Reproduce Easily

If a dog flea treatment is not given promptly, an infestation can easily get out of hand. Females can lay as many as 20 eggs at one time, or up to 500 eggs in a lifetime. It only takes about 12 days for an egg to hatch, and these new hatchlings can begin laying eggs of their own in as little as one to two weeks. As a result, just a couple of fleas can easily turn into thousands in a matter of days if the appropriate steps are not taken to eliminate them.

Safe Flea Treatment For Dogs

Although fleas pose a danger to humans and animals, some of the commercial flea treatments pose an even greater danger to your furry friend. That’s because many products contain harmful insecticides that irritate mucous membranes when they come into contact with them. Repeated use and long-term exposure to these chemicals can result in breathing difficulty, skin rashes or even organ damage. As a result, you should consider using natural flea remedies and shampoos whenever possible to treat your pet.

Natural Ingredients for Fleas

When shopping for a natural flea treatment for dogs, look for products that have a vinegar base, as it naturally repels them. Some people will swear by shampoos made with liquid Castile soap and essential oils such as tea tree, lemongrass or peppermint. You may want to follow with a natural conditioner that contains oatmeal, as this can help soothe the itchiness and prevent your pet’s skin from drying out too much.

Fleas can be dangerous for your dog, which is why you must remain vigilant and address infestations as soon as they occur. The best way to rid your dog of fleas safely is with the use of natural and organic products for dogs.

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