Dog Beds and Blankets Outdoor and Travel Beds

Outdoor and Travel Beds

Outdoor and Travel Pet Bed are good solution for the summer days, or for traveling with your pet. Pets need to have their own place to relax, just like us humans. Pets who have their own bed feel secure and become used to sleep in one place. If you take them from their comfort zone, it is recommended to bring the preferred toy and bed or blanket he love. Outdoor dog beds and cots allows your pooch join the family picnic or just lie at your backyard.
When traveling with Fido for over nights, the travel pet bed gives secure feeling and comfortable for use. All our outdoor dog beds and the travel dog beds are comfortable at home as well as away from home for furry travel companions

Our folding soft crates can also be used for your travel as a carrier and for sleeping.

Choosing the right pet bed size Measuring your pets body length: when your pet is lying down measure body length, then add 8 inches. The total is the width your pet will need for an oval bed, and the depth your pet will need for a rectangular bed. If the bed has a bolster or other raised exterior, you;ll need to consider the outer dimensions, not the external ones. If you stuck between two sizes, go for the larger one.
Please measure your pet carefully to make sure you are purchasing the correct size.
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