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Cats & Small Pet beds

Small pet beds for dogs and cats  who like to snuggle and who are looking for warm spot. More cats bed at the Cat Corner cat beds and supply


Choosing the right pet bed size: Measuring your pets body length: when your pet is lying down measure body length, then add 8 inches. The total is the width your pet will need for an oval bed, and the depth your pet will need for a rectangular bed. If the bed has a bolster or other raised exterior, you;ll need to consider the outer dimensions, not the external ones. If you stuck between two sizes, go for the larger one. Please measure your pet carefully to make sure you are purchasing the correct size.


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Mocha Faux Leather Cat Loft Bed Microvelvet Vogue cushion Modern Wooden Pet Bed (More colors) Multi Black Cheetah Cuddle Pet Beds Tiny ro Large
Multi Lynx Cuddle Pet Beds Tiny ro Large Outdoor Heated Kitty Camper Outdoor Kitty House Heated or Unheated
Pet Bed Cooler Pet Dome Bed 3 Colors Pink Pet Bed - Tent - House with Swarovski
Pink Pet Bed- Tent- House With Swarovski Plush Dogs and Cat Beds. Red Strips Pet Bed - Tent - House
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Self-Warming Crate Pad Self-Warming Round Dog and Cat Sleeper Sherpa Pet Couch (more colors)
Snow Leopard "Embossed" Pet Beds Tiny ro Large Soft Pet House Brown Napper Soft Plush & Soft Velvet Orange & Ivory Cat Bed
Soft Plush Brown & Ivory Cat Bed Soft Velvet Brown & Beige Cat Bed Soft Velvet Brown & Ivory Cave Cat Bed
Soft Velvet Orange & Beige Cat Bed Soft Velvet Pink Cat Bed Solid Black "Embossed" Pet Beds Tiny ro Large
Solid Brown "Embossed" Pet Beds Tiny ro Large Thermo-Kitty Bed Fashion Splash Thermo-Kitty Cave leopard Print Fleece
Thermo-Kitty Hut 18" Thermo-Kitty Mat 12.5" x 25" Sage or Mocha Ultra Soft Faux Fur Black Dog Beds
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