Martingale Dog Collars: Should I Use Them?

martingale dog collarsMartingale collars are a designer dog collar that makes walking with your dog easier and gives you more control without choking the pet. They were originally designed for dogs that had larger necks than heads, a good example of which would be the greyhound. Dogs with this body style can have a tendency to slip out of regular collars while taking a walk.

How Do Martingale Dog Collars Work?

Martingale dog collars prevent the dog from slipping out by using a two-loop system (other collar types only have one loop). The bigger loop fits loosely around the dog’s neck and the smaller loop is attached to the leash with a D ring. While walking, the dog will not feel any difference unless he starts pulling his head out of the big loop. Then, the leash pulls the smaller loop taut, causing the larger loop to somewhat tighten at the dog’s neck, preventing him from getting loose.

It is important that the Martingale be adjusted properly so that the dog is never choked and the collar simply stays snug around the dog’s neck.

Who Should Use Them?

 	Animal Print Martingale Collars


Martingale dog collars have become very popular in recent years for use with any breed. Trainers recommend them also, as they are much more comfortable and safer to use than collar chains and choke collars. They are also useful for training dogs not to pull during walks.

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