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Prepare Your Family & Pets For The Unexpected: Better Be Safe Than Sorry

Dog and Cat With BabyWe’ve all heard the saying that it’s always better to be safe than sorry. In life, we are placed in situations that we do not expect, and if we are not prepared, we have to be ready to face consequences. Situations such as natural disasters, illnesses, and untoward incidents may happen to you, family and your pets. So if you are prepared for the unexpected, you will have an easier time dealing with problems if you know how to handle them.

Here are some things that you can do to prepare for different situations:

In your car

Car Seat and Pet Carrier In OneCar accidents are one of the major causes of death and injuries. If you travel using your car, keep babies and pets restrain using car seat and / or harness. That way you prevent pet’s injuries in case of sudden stop or an accident.  You yourself are safer as the pet on back seat  will not fly and heart you if you have to stop suddenly. Make sure that you do maintenance and check if all parts of the car are running the way they should. It is best if you bring your vehicle to an expert who can determine if it is safe for driving. Always fill your gas tank, and have tools handy in your trunk. You’ll never know when you’re going to have a flat tire or other types of car trouble.

During natural disasters

Soft Pet CarriersTyphoons, storms, hurricanes, and snowstorms can leave you stranded at home. Be prepared for a natural disaster to make sure that you and your family and pets can survive. Keep blankets, food (human and pets), and water handy at all times. Make sure that you have an area in your home where you can keep your family safe, and have the dog and cat kennel (wire or soft)ready in that area, food and water, any medicine if needed and favorite toy. Furthermore, keep a supply of batteries and make sure that your gadgets are charged before disaster strikes. Put on the window and door a note about the number of cats and / or dogs inside, in case of evacuation. Do have collar with tag ID and vaccination on each pet.

At work

Disaster can also strike at work, even if you do not work with heavy machinery and tools. Make sure that you prepare yourself by knowing where the fire extinguishers are, reading policies, and knowing the evacuation plan. If you have company-wide emergency drills, listen and understand what you have to do in any type of situation. Knowing these things will help save your life.

For pets

We all know that having a pet takes a lot of hard work. If you have a pet, it is recommended to get pet insurance, so that you won’t have to worry about spending a lot of money if ever you experience emergencies. Talk to your pet insurance provider before purchasing insurance and make sure that you have all the details correct before making any decisions. Keep your pets healthy and happy while not having to worry about your expenses.

Everyday situations

Unexpected incidents can happen at any time. For everyday situations, make sure you have an emergency kit with you at all times. For instance, if you have allergies, make sure that you always carry your medicines with you. Other useful things to have with you everyday include extra cash, snacks, a charger or battery pack, and your mobile phone.

Whatever life throws at you, you have to be ready to face them. There is no doubt that you will be experiencing things that you never thought would come your way, which is why it is always important to be prepared for the unexpected at all times.

Burn Calories with Your Dog The Fun Way.

Burn Calories with Your Dog The Fun Way.Overweight is a real problem in modern life and obese pet’s numbers are growing too. After a long, cold winter, most of us gained some extra pounds. Now, when the weather is nice, Why not put on the sneakers and  go out burn calories with your dog the fun way.

Here are some easy (if not, do it gradually) to burn some calories while having wonderful, bonding time with your dog. Even if he is not overweight, he’ll love the activity. So don’t use it as an excuse :)

Walking the dog – do it twice a day. He needs it and it’ll benefit you.

Take new routes so you will not be bored.

Change pace, start slow, increase it for a few minutes and back to the slower pace. Don’t overdo at the beginning.  In time, you’ll be able to go quicker and be less tired.

Benefits: Max has so much energy that, if not released,  may result in restlessness and aggression (some breeds need  harder work than others).  You are doing a big part of the 10,000 daily steps recommended and burning calories. You’ll meet other pet lovers, neighbors, who are walking their dogs. What a great way to socialize for human and animal.

Hiking –  If you love the outdoors, why not choosing a nice park, where pets allowed, and go hiking. Beginners (human and dog) should start with a short, flat  and easy trail. When you feel you both ready, take harder trail. Don’t forget to have water bottles for you and for your 4 – legged companion. Treats should be helpful, if you need him to do something he doesn’t realty want to do along the walk. Small breeds can’t walk very long distances, so plane the road with the dog abilities in mind.

Benefits: This is a full body and cardiovascular exercise for both of you. Improves body health and fitness. Burn calories and gives overall good physical and mental feeling.

Playing in the backyard – It is tempting to open the door and let the dog out.  Instead, throw a ball and compete with him, who gets the ball first.  Play tug while alternating hands. Chase each other (this is one of my dog’ s favorites).

Group Walking DogsJoin a group – It is fun to walk together with other pet owners.  Search on the Meetups site for a group in your area and join.




Do activities on a regular basis. Be innovative and create new games you and your dog enjoy together. Not only you lose weight, but you bond with your dog more than ever.

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If you have an idea, just add it for everybody to know.