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Car Travel With Dogs: Keeping it Safe

car travel with dogsSpring is in the air, and after a long snowy winter we are all ready to enjoy the outdoors. Our dogs are more than ready as well!

In order to make your car travel with dogs as safe as possible, we created a small list of what needs to be done before hitting the road.

Getting Ready

First, always have tags with info on your pooch. You can never know when he or she will decide to take a walk on their own.

Also, I know you love your car and you love it to be clean. So use a dog car seat cover on your bench or pilot seat where your doggie will spend time during the ride.

If you have a small breed dog, you may want to use a dog car seat, just like you would with a baby. There are many sizes and heights on the market. Choose the one that fits his size and allows him to view the scenery. This way, he’ll be much more relaxed and will more easily enjoy the ride.

Keeping Your Dog Safe in the Car

For larger breeds, you should restrain the dog – both for its safety and your own. Getting a car harness can help keep your pet in place. The zip-line gives the dog some freedom to move from one window to the other. When restrained, he’ll stay on the seat if you make a sudden stop and will not “fly” up to the front and hurt himself and/or you.

Depending on your dog’s nature, you may consider some dog car safety accessories. These can restrict the dog’s motion using a mesh barrier or guard the door with a door guard. For small breeds or older dogs with health issues or jumping difficulties, a folding pet ramp (available in different sizes) will solve the problem, and you will eliminate the risk to your back caused by carrying a large pooch.

Other Trip Advice

If it’s a long trip, stopping from time to time is a necessity. The dog needs to do his thing and drink or eat. Always keep poop pick-up bags in your car. Have a travel bowl for water and food. These bowls are collapsible, easy to store, and do not take much space. Also, consider keeping a treat bag for the road (or for regular daily walks and training purposes).

Check out some of our pet travel accessories that will make your life easier while on the road. You can even arrange all your items in a travel organizer created with pets in mind. Put in the dog’s favorite toy,  bowls, leash, medicine, the treat bag, pick-up bags, etc. Some organizers come pre-equipped with bowls or bottle.

Keep it safe and you’ll have an enjoyable trip with a healthy, happy dog.

Products for Keeping Pets Safe in the Car

Car Seat For Dogs For Save TravelWhen traveling in the car, whether it is a short drive around the block, a trip to the vet or a cross-country road trip, it is recommended to keep your pets occupied, safe and comfortable. As the weather gets warmer and summer begins, you’ll likely be traveling more often. This means it’s time to think about keeping pets safe in the car.

Pet Car Safety Products

Car Seat – The safest driving option is to use a car seat that is designed for your pet and fits the pet’s size. A dog car seat is comfortable, and it includes a belt that attaches it to the car as well as a seat belt for your pet’s safety. While driving, the dog or cat will not will not be able to distract you. In case of an emergency stop or an accident, he’ll stay safe in the chair. Materials, colors and size differ. The prices for car seats range between $57.00 and $209.00 for a car seat that can occupy two small pets.

Pet Carrier / Soft Crate – Standard crates and designer pet carriers are the second option. They should close tightly but remain easy to open and close. They should also be roomy enough for the pet to stand or lie down. The reason for using a crate in the car is to minimize any potential distractions or to keep your pet from roaming around. You can also place his favorite toy or blanket in the carrier to make him feel good. The items in our pet crate collection start at just $54.99.

Both In One – If you travel often, an economical and space-saving decision would be a carrier or stroller that also functions as a car seat. Two-in-one carriers start at $73.80. See our all-in-one pet car seat carriers for more information.

Safety Harness – A pet safety harness allows your dog or cat to sit or lay down on the car seat while safely secured by the vehicle’s seat belt. These are often padded for maximum comfort. Some harnesses are good for walking too. They’re available in red, black, brown or beige, and the price starts at $22.99 depending on the pet size and manufacturer.

Car Seat Covers – These covers protect your car seats from fur and dirt that your pet might have picked up along the way. They are easy to install and clean. There are covers for SUVs, rear seats and the front seat. The pet car seat covers also come in hammock style. You have your choice of colors, prints and materials. They start at $54.99.

Car Safety Barriers – If your dog or cat tries to jump towards you from the back seat, you may find a pet car barrier helpful. Barriers are made of steel or mesh so that the pet can see you and you can see him. Door guard shields are also available for preventing the car door from getting scratched. They start at $39.00.

Pet Ramps – Simply getting into a vehicle is an important part of keeping pets safe in the car. Pet ramps are perfect for elderly pets, disabled pets, large pets that cannot be lifted, or pets that are too tiny to jump into the car. In addition, they save the pet owner the backbreaking work of lifting their pets. They are light, foldable and portable for use at home or outside. Different sizes include 42″ 66″ and 71″ when fully open. These start at $84.00

Food/Drink and Bowls – When you are on a long trip, always bring a good amount of food, treats and water. There are many designer dog bowls that are specifically intended for travel. For added convenience, you might want to get a Lookout Travel Rack, which allows your pet to have food and water while on the go.

Additional Pet Safety Tips

  • Keep collars and tags on your pets throughout the whole trip. There is always a chance of your pet running off in an unfamiliar location.
  • Never leave your pet in the vehicle unattended. Pets can die from heat exhaustion in a short time in hot weather, even if you park in shade. If you have an emergency and need to leave the car, take your pet with you.
  • Plan enough time for frequent breaks while traveling in the car. Pets need their regular “outside time” even during road trips.

For all of our travel-related pet boutique accessories, please visit 4-legged.com.

You Can Get a Ticket for Not Buckling Up Your Pet

buckling up your petIf you are driving in New Jersey with your pet in the car, you should restrain them to prevent getting a ticket. Over 20% of drivers admit they are driving while their dog is on their lap. Officials say accidents caused by distracted driving due to an unleashed dog or cat is a real problem. Many people admit to being distracted by their pet while operating a vehicle.

Be advised that “Under state law, NJSPCA officers can stop a driver they believe is improperly transporting an animal. Tickets can range from $250 to $1,000 per offense, and a driver can face a disorderly person’s offense under animal-cruelty laws.”

Buckling Up Your Pet is Common Sense

We would never drive with a baby on our lap, sitting beside us, or in the back without car seat. It should be just the same with our furry baby. Remember that a sudden stop can cause our pets to be thrown around or have a potential dangerous object fly into them.

What You Can Do

Many options are available for keeping your pet safe in the car. For cats, the best option is a pet carrier, which is far more safe then letting kitty sit on the dash of your car or jump from seat to seat.

For small dogs, a pet carrier or car booster similar to the one for cats can keep him safe. In fact, you can now find carriers that combine all your travel needs – stroller, car seat and carrier tote. If it’s a big size dog. a safety harness and restraint system is the best option.

Buckling up your pet will not only save you from paying a fine, but more importantly, it will make sure you and your furry baby arrives safely at your destination.