Does My Dog Need Winter Clothes?

winter dog clothesNot so long ago dogs used to wear only their own fur. Today, people learn at the design school for dog clothing.  Designers and couture pet apparel are easy to find.
We divided the clothes into two categories.
One is “Because it’s cute and i like it”
Second “Because it’s cold outside ..”It’s ok to love this cute dress, and your pooch can stand out of the crowd with her beautiful skirt. Not everybody like it, but who cares, as long as the dog doesn’t care.
What you need to know about the second option?
It’s not because it’s cute, but because dogs suffer from cold weather, like us, humans.
You should pay double attention to:
Small breed and puppies are more sensitive to cold.
Older / senior dogs, dogs with joint issues, sick, recovering or injured.
Dogs with short fur
Dogs with no fur
What to wear?
It depots where you live and how cold it is there.
For the very cold areas you can find really cute and warm parka coats with hoodies. Sometimes the hoodie is removable, so you decide when and if to use it.
Thermal coats that contains a thermal heat retention technology specially inserted between the fabric.
Fleece coats or sweatshirts, with double fleece layers, reversible fleece, with or without hood. The selection is huge for styles and colors.
Sweaters are warm and usually make movements easier for the pups. Pay attention that they cover the chest, belly, and the neck (especially in a very cold area). You’ll find sweaters made with wool, Alpaca wool, cotton and so on, with or without a hood.


The paws should be on your list of “need protecting”.
First – the road is freezing.
Second – antifreeze can harm the paws (and should never be ingested).
Third -  It helps to keep your floor and the pooch’s paws clean from the mud outside.
Good dog shoes or boots are the one that has inner isolation, nun skid sole, that have room to fit the paws.
Since it is somewhat tricky to find the correct size, you can go with the one size fits all.
Disposable booties are relative cheap and easy to put on. You get set of 12 (3 sets of 4 boots) that can serve you for most of the winter.

Winter Dog Boots

The importance of accurate measurement.
Before you choose the clothes (or boots), make sure to measure your Fido so you’ll now what the measurements are for his chest, neck, length (from tail to base of neck) and his weight. Always look for the sizing chart of each clothing, Sometimes you’ll need the small size and other time the medium size. Each company has their own chart.  If you find your dog is between sizes, always go with the larger size. It is important that the dog feels comfortable in his coat or sweater and that he can move freely while wearing it. Limited movement prevents the dog from warming.
Big plus is if the outfit is easy to put on and off.

Go shopping for winter dog clothes and boots in our online pet boutique.


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