Winter Dog Clothes – Do I Need Them?

Winter Dog Clothes, Do they need it?

Not so long ago, dogs only wore their own fur. Today, people can go to classes that teach dog clothing design. Couture pet apparel and designer pet products are now very easy to find. Most people state two general reasons for putting their pooch in dog clothes. The first is simply because it’s cute and they enjoy it. The second is because it’s cold outside.

Why Get Winter Dog Clothes?

The answer is simple: dogs can suffer sickness and injury in cold weather just like us humans. You should pay double attention to:

  • small breeds and puppies, who are more sensitive to cold
  • senior dogs or dogs with joint issues
  • dogs that are sick, recovering or injured
  • dogs with short fur
  • dogs with no fur

Choosing Winter Dog Clothes

The winter pet apparel that you select first depends on where you live and how cold it is there. For very cold areas, you can find really cute and warm dog parkas with hoodies. Sometimes the hoodie is removable, so you decide when and if to use it.

Some dog coats contain thermal heat retention technology specially inserted between the fabric. Fleece coats or sweatshirts with double fleece layers or reversible fleece are also available with or without a hood. The selection is huge for styles and colors.

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Another option involves dog sweaters, which are warm and often allow pups to move more freely than a jacket would. Make sure that the sweater covers the chest, belly, and the neck (especially in a very cold area). You’ll find sweaters made with wool, Alpaca wool, cotton and so on, with or without a hood.

Paws Need Protection Too

Dog shoes or boots are essential in winter for a number of reasons:

  1. Snow, and even just the ground, can be cold enough to cause frostbite
  2. Antifreeze on the ground can harm the paws (and is very dangerous if ingested)
  3. Boots and shoes help keep your floor and the pooch’s paws clean from the mud outside
Pink Fur Dog Booties
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Good dog boots and shoes have inner insulation, non-skid soles, and are roomy enough to fit the paws. Since it is somewhat tricky to find the correct size, you can go with one-size-fits-all. Disposable booties are another cheap and easy option. You get set of 12 (three sets of four boots) that can serve you for most of the winter.

The Importance of Accurate Measurement

Before you choose the dog clothes or boots, make sure to measure your dog so you’ll know what the measurements are for his chest, neck, length (from tail to base of neck) and weight. Always check out the sizing chart for each piece. Sometimes you’ll need the small size and other times you’ll need medium. Each company has their own chart.

If you find your dog is between sizes, always go with the larger size. It is important that the dog feels comfortable in his coat or sweater and that he can move freely while wearing it. Limited movement prevents the dog from staying warm. Also, it’s a big plus if the outfit is easy to put on and take off.

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